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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Experienced Creativity? Bullshit

We learn every day. The day we seize to learn we are of no use to anyone. Creativity they say like talent is in born, though some people acquire it on their path in life; experience help only to sharpen it but everyday our ability to reason like a child in side, in his curiosity and zeal to understand the beauties of the world makes us build on our creativity for u CAN NEVER know it all, its ever changing and mystical in its ways. That’s why a 7years old boy can create a beautiful piece and an old man will only try to make u see the beauty in his own piece. Learn, never stop yourself from learning, its a beautiful thing to be ever curious and ever wanting to learn.

The creative industry especially the advertising agency in Nigeria is dying cause some of us feel we know it all just because of the years or position we hold. Partiality and sentiments in the name of politics kill the creativity and drives out the people with a passion to rebuild this industry. I know these words will fall on many deaf ears but for the few that can make this change; stop applauding failures just cause he/she is your boss, colleague, friend, brother, sister or even spouse.

If they do trash, give them the dustbin – that was how I was trained, that was how I got better, that was how I grew and am continuing the growth to be good at my best, and better than it, till I best it again and continue the circle. Call me sarcastic, not everyone should smile at u. Not everyone should be nice. Lets’ take Naija's creative guru's to the next level!

Let’s make this WORK!

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