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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inside Out

It takes one to know one they say
but it's not everytime someone u think u know come up with ideas u believe they are not capable of. The funny thing is we limit ourselves to what we believe is humanly possible and not what isn't. Most times, the disruption needed for a new innovation lies within our thoughts but we kill it with our lack of trust for our abilities.

Inside us lies a gaint fighting to be exposed.
but this gaint needs us to 1st believe its got strength and wings to fly with a blood that pumps faith and trust. We need to look within us and see the ability we possess and how these ideas we compose in our heads can be brought to reality with little or no resources but just mere thoughts on how to go about achieving it.

Out wardly, we act like everyone
but we know deep inside us that we really don't think like each other, don't want the same things and don't want to do what our parents did. We want to find our face, our spot, our own thing but 'awon aye' already set a pace for us to take and we are so scared to phase out of it and find our own thoughts, believes and understanding.

Now is the time
wake up to the new norm, to self believe and achievements. Let's birth our inner strength together in this enigmatic online comcept that'll make people after us live in prints and feel the love.

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