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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Entrepreneur

It’s difficult to set out on your own as an entrepreneur especially when cash flow is poor and not forth coming
Persistent is what get’s you through and as an idea’s man, you think up ways to get what you what with little or no cash. Then the next problem arise – human resources – connections
This is as bad as finances itself for money pushes, connections connects the dots. Now you got a fantastic idea, no money, no connections, so what next?
Prayers I believe you’ll say – good but even the bible said you have to knock for the door to be opened. What exactly can a young entrepreneur with no money and no connection do in Nigeria to make it?
Research is the word, a strong drive to succeed and a push in the right direction. Visit places, talk to people – any one, be alert, read the papers, attend workshops and seminars (a lot come free) and network.
I was trended the part of an entrepreneur; I had the drive, the will and the idea even the finances though little and few connections but I did it all the wrong way, I trusted people instead of my gut feelings, I bargained and picked friendship other than discipline and it all ended in a failed business.
Now, am at it again. This time smarter, wiser and more prepared with a niche idea that’ll get me places, make me a celebrity and RICH. I’m trending softly cause I don’t want to make the mistake again. No friends this time that are looking for my loyalty that the truth.
To work with me now is to be disciplined as well as to ne alert. My friend’s say am rude but no am just strict. I am not going to lose money over childishness, this is the new age, grow up and be ready to lose friends to make it cause a lot of them don’t really care if you do.
Being an entrepreneur is fun, you are your own boss so the determination and smart work you put gets you far, hard work pays sometimes but its faster to be smart. You’ll lose a lot, maybe you love life too but with time, everything will come to place. And you’ll be the best for it.
Join me on this road to the DreamZone; it’s going to be a fun, tough and fulfilling ride. Luv ya!

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