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Friday, January 24, 2014

Kiss 'n' Mix

Small small, I dive into my passion
I love alchy and long to own a hotel with a booming club
About 2 lounges
3 bars
And numerous mobile bars lol yep mobile bars I said
Today, I open my wine and spirit shop selling products from just a particular company.
This is because my business inspiration came from the owner
He taught me about being steadfast in growing a business
And in keeping friends
I believe in him, in his products and in my ability to grow with just these brands
Kissmix premixed alcoholic vodka mix
Power horse energy drink
Camros whisky
Keror non-alcoholic wine
Masia alcoholic red and white wine
Oshee vitamin drink
Maloney Irish cream
Call 08023407497 or ping 2A9B98D2

Order NOW!

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