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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Implicit Me

Give it to me baby, yeh, work it, yeh I love that a**
His rants annoy me the more. I yawn and wonder when this will end as ‘He’ cripped into my imagination and I smile
Yeah baby, I'm hitting a cord yeh? I love making you smile
What is wrong with this idiot? I said to myself as my smile turned to a frown. I push him off
Emm I am tired, can’t you cum already haba, I’m I a machine?
But baby you use to love going on for hours
Yes before, now I’m old and you are getting regular, doing the same thing and you need to lose that belle fat
I said as I ran the shower. Playing with myself, I imagines ‘his’ arms caressing my body. Deep breath. My hands glide down south
Fifi what do you mean I’m now regular? Are you calling me boring?
I scream in anger as his voice distorted my day dreaming.
Can you just let me be? Deep breath, I look straight at him and say ‘guy, you have always been boring I just loved you for who you are and thought I could unleash your wild but I can’t. Now will you shoo off’!
He looked at me with that puppy look that always melts my heart
Emy, I’m sorry ok?, just tensed. The lounge opening is putting a tone on me
Fifi, you called me boring, I remember before we started dating you called me slow. Can I ever please you?
That is the problem Emy, stop trying to please me ok.  Sigh
Ok I will, but you know I’m crazy about you, I lov..sorry
Emy,  you need a sweet girl like you not a wild heartless babe like me na
But you are sweet and nice and not a bit heartless you just protect your heart from good men and it’s not nice
Stepping out of the shower naked, I went straight for my dress. Sat on the dressing table seat and start to type on my Ipad ‘can you come over in like 30minutes? I need you to fuck me silly, no words just fuck’
A smile creep on my face as I get the response- ‘Make it 20minutes n get him out of the house NOW’. I walked to Emy, all dressed up and planted a kiss on his lips.
 Emm, I need to be alone now ok, when you have something interesting for the lounge, give me a buzz
He kiss back and steps out the door. I watch him go and blow a kiss at him as he closes the door behind him.
Door shut.
 I quickly run to my closet pulling out a red doll lingerie.
Hose dragging up my leg as the door bell rings. I smile, waiting for the second.
Quickly, I put on my red heels as the door bell rings a second time.
I smile again, run to the dressing table seat, legs wide open with nothing covering it, I tear the lollipop from its cover and suck on it.
The door slams open.
He stands at the door; 6feet 6inches tall, broad chest with a 6 pack bulging from underneath a tight deep v-neck tee.
I could see his erect lollipop fighting for freedom from under the tight jeans.
He slams the door shut and quickly gets out of his clothes.
 I sit still, sucking.
Aggressively, he walks towards me and goes down on me as I let out a loud moan…
This is the life, this is how it is meant to be always!
He loved to suck my insides especially after a man had been there. Not him, another and that was the freaky side of him that I loved.
He hardly spoke when in this mood.
Gets up, drags me by my hair to a stand and turns me over. He bites on my neck then aggressively, he pushes me down as I bend over, breast on the chair.
Without a word, he plunges into me
I scream out in pain and pleasure
This is what good sex is all about, not love making, this is what good sex should be like

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