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Friday, July 4, 2014

Lady Wanderer

It’s not so hard you see
Sometimes it seems the world is choking
The race I run is swift you know
Not a job, not a walk, in strides I get captured in the moment
Waking up to newness that elopes with speed
Gaining momentum faster than ‘seconds’
I realized so much earlier
The alien within called me
It was frightening wild and fun
I unleashed her little by little
Never getting captured by the world
But letting her capture the world
Was difficult coming to terms you get
But she has always believed so much in herself
Difficult ruling a world different from her
Yet she never folded or succumbed
Step by step they took
Stride by stride she rode
Riding the world beneath her feet, gaining attention
Sucking adventure losing nothing but opposites
Terms she don’t understand, norms were a taboo
Something different she knew
Something new always she stood
Sometimes she feels lost
Sometimes she feels dead
But it don’t stop her from being HER

A loner in this race, a loner always!

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