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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

One Fine Day 10

As day dey begin break na Josh wake me, i opened myself eyes to behold the most beautiful piece of jewellery starring in my face, i smiled as he said: its been 2months, we should celebrate and do something special" instanta a ll thoughts of moving away from these potential pscho fly comot, instead , i took him in my arms with warm embrace and major romping follow. hmmm, people of these wicked world, i should i have left, but chose to stay.
 na so i carry myself go make hair, i decided to add a bit of life to the hair, so i went blond and the moment Josh saw it, regardless of the fact that his members of staff were with him he said to me in the most icy words: 
"Jazz, you look like a prostitute and i  don't date prostitutes" 
to so shock hol me, des no justice to describing how i felt. i stood stare for quite sometime starring at him, when he said rather casually: 
"in a meeting babe" 
i went into the room and cried my eyes out. did  he notice.. nah!  th tears words me out,i slept off.
he woke me later to say we were going to the club with some friend, he wanted them to see me, again 
he said: but this hair of yours, find a creative way to style, so it doesn't look tacky"
again, i swallowed the insults and quietly went about creatively styling and packing the hair to his taste.  he gave a wide smile of approval when i joined him the car, i thought,  maybe the night would erase the day's hurt. he was in a pretty jolly mood as he kept necking and kissing me, he even made calls to his friends that they were to meet his woman.
until my phone rang… it was X
 i tried to ignore the call, but Josh noticed and insisted that i pick up the call and i did, that was my major mezzup!
X launched into the monologue of how i abandoned him and all, i listened silently, choosing my words rather wisely. by this time, the car had stopped and Josh was having a conversation with a friend, i thought he wasn't listening, so when X asked where i was, i said:
i'm with a friend" we ended the conversation with goodnights and a "please call me" from X.
Josh smiled back at me and said he was gonna join his friend's car. At the club, his coldness became even more obvious, as i was never introduced to the friends he wanted to show me off to. was it the hair? i rush go check am for toilet. he just totally abandoned me at the club with a bottle of wine begging eagerly to be open. after 3 hours of ZERO clubbing, he appeared and asked if i was ready to go. before nko. i enter moto, we reach house, na dis drama start.
my people wetin my eye see, wetin my ear hear chai, disris godu ooo. 

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