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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Filters 17

   There was that faint scent of an antiseptic, it sifted through the air like a light fog, just enough to be perceived, not enough to be a problem. Ruth stared aloof at the desk before, it was neatly arranged, a mug with the words "Best Dad in the world" printed round, an impressive collection of Pens and Pencils stood withing the mug and a stack of medical books sat by their side. A Sticker saying "Got Blood, Share!" was plastered on the middle of the table. She could feel her right hand vibrate mildly, her fiance was obviously impatient and showing it. Just as she was about to to turn to her unattended intended life partner, the Doctor walked in.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, we had an emergency." He said, lifting the stethoscope off his neck as though it was a noose.

"No, don't mention it, it's alright, not like we had anything better to do." Adrien Aswani said with as much contempt as he could muster.

The Doctor took one look at him, sat and smiled. "Still licking our wounds I see, don't worry, we'll show em hell next season, I still have faith in Rooney."

Adrien leaned forward as though he'd found gold within a struck rock. " Did you see our defense last week...." Ruth drifted off again, as her Fiance conversed with the doctor at length about the ins and outs of professional football.

Finally, after about 15 minutes, Adrien sighed and The Doctor pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his face.

" Thanks darling, for ignoring me."

"Your welcome babe." Adrien replied with a wink.

" Don't worry, you'll have full monopoly of his attention when the baby gets here." The Doctor offered.

"Or maybe they'll both run off to some pitch somewhere and leave me in the kitchen."

The men laughed.

"So how can I help you?" The doctor asked.

"Well, we've come to see if we're blood compatible."

"Alright..." he brought out two identical files from his desk and handed it to them. "Fill these forms, afterwards we'll run a series of tests and get back to you, do you have pens?"

They nodded and took the files.

"Okay, looks easy enough" Ruth stated. And her fiance looked at her with the boyish smile she had grown fond of.

"Everything's easy with me babe, don't you ever forget it." He said.

And the doctor smiled, because seated before him, he saw a couple that was in love.


  Seun looked at the luminescent screen of his phone, still no call, still no message. He'd left numerous of both on Naomi's cell, apparently she wasn't in the business of reciprocated attention, it unsettled him even more because that used to be him. The elusive lover, the quick and certain flash in the night that never returned, now he felt out of place. He'd lost his best friend, things had become precarious at work, and he was becoming overly attached to a girl that was now ignoring him. It seemed his world had turned upside down, and there was no soft bed of roses to fall upon. He looked at the Trophies that stood on his shelf, how could he have fallen so low? He moped for what seemed like hours till a familiar tune broke the silence.

"Hey Jesse what's up?" he said, he sounded like he needed a glass of water.

"We need to talk" Jesse said matter of factly.

"Why what's up?"

"Just come, The Amala Joint, 30 minutes."

The line cut.

Seun slipped the phone in his pocket and threw on a Jacket, he grabbed his key off a shelf and made for the door. A thought stopped him though. On what occasions had he heard Jesse speak so sparsely, so monotonously, so covertly excited?. His troubled mind was unable to sift out an answer but he reached into his shelf anyway and pulled out his weapon. The steely gun against his waist offered the needed comfort and made all questions unnecessary.

The 22 minute drive to the location code name 'The Amala Joint' was a tranquil one, pedestrian songs blended, one into the other but they were a suitable background to the silence that hung in his mind like a curtain on a wind less day. He'd barely packed his car when a shadow engulfed his window. He stepped out of the car.

"What's all the hush hush.."

"Let's go in. " Jesse said without establishing eye contact, another bad sign.

They stepped into the dark warehouse, Crates full of Client details were stacked on either side, and the path between led to a table, with a chair on either side, he'd only ever seen it once. He'd brought a nervous client, without as much a clue as the address as to what was about to happen. Upon delivering the client, Jesse had offered him a cursory smile, and led them both down that very same path, he hadn't been perturbed then, but he could hear the ragged breaths of the client, when they reached the table, Mr.Stanley was sitting on the further most side, with a cup of coffee and a polite smile. Mr.Stanley rose to his feet, shook the client and asked him to please sit, then he made a quick "shoo" motion with his hand.   
Jesse took the hint, and led Seun back out, and he never knew, what had conspired inside the warehouse afterwards, but it seemed he would soon find out.

A drooping bulb hung over the table like an old man's testicles, it was more of an emphasis of the darkness that surrounded it than anything else. At first Seun thought it was just his imagination and the lighting playing tricks on him when he saw the suit, but then he saw that very same smile that caused creases by the sides of Mr.Stanley's eyes and he didn't wait for a handshake, he simply sat as a man facing the death penalty on the electric chair.

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