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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Filters 11

The Akinyola residence was quite quaint, Mr. Akinyola had insisted their compound and it's surrounding be devoid of trees- (I will not hide my wealth from the world he'd said.)- and Mrs. Akinyola had insisted it be painted a very feminine pink-(So that they know a woman is involved she'd said)-, Jude and his sister Ruth hadn't gotten a say, at the time they were 5 and 3 respectively and though Ruth would prove the favourite child she always strayed far from home.

Mrs. Akinyola stood on the veranda tapping her foot impatiently. Jude stood by her side irritated and ignored.

"Mother she's coming, it's been barely 20 minutes since she arrived at the airport, stop worrying."


"Mother did you..."

"Its that mad driver! He is incompetent and I'm very sure he doesn't have it all upstairs, the airport is 15 minutes away from here, it's Sunday, there should be no traffic, but nooooo, when you want him to drive slow he speeds like it's a race, when you need him to drive moderately fast he crawls like a snail, I've told your father before, it's about time we have him fired...". She folded her arms in finality and Jude knew better than to argue with her.

"Oh look, there they are!"

A black BMW pulled into the driveway and Mrs.Akinyola motioned for the Gateman to open the gate before her driver got the chance to horn. The gates parted and from her elevated standpoint Mrs. Akinyola could see her only daughter in the back sit wearing a flawless white outfit. She tapped her son on the back and walked hastily to the stairs, eager to embrace her daughter.


"Mammaaa!!" Ruth gave herself to the pull of her Mother's outstretched hand and was engulfed in the warmth and scent of home. She chuckled.

"What is so funny." her Mother said, drawing back and looking her daughter over for signs of wear and tear, there were none and she was pleased.

"Nothing mamma, I've just missed you." Ruth said and hugged her again. "Where's everybody?"

"Your Father is in the room sleeping, if I tell him now that he works too much he won't believe me, but one day off of work and he falls like a rock. Your brother....."

"Is right here." Jude said as he came out from behind her. " how are you Ruth?" He added with about as much emotion as a coconut.

"I'm fine and you look terrible."

"That's because I was up all night helping Mother prepare the prodigal daughters welcome home feast." He gibed.

"Oh, I wasn't aware you'd learned how to help anyone but yourself, what else has changed since I've been gone? Did you go a day without killing anyone? "

"Oh stop it you two, why can't you just say that you miss each other without bickering." Mrs. Akinyola stated, then stared them both down to submission.

"I missed you Ruth." Jude said docilely.

"Missed you too big brother."

"See, isn't that much better?, now hug each other while I go inside and wake your father."

The two siblings took reluctant steps towards one another, then embraced like the prongs of a forklift. In three seconds Ruth was already pulling away, but Jude tightened his hold and whispered in her ear.

"I really am glad that your back Ruth, if anything it's substantial proof that your still alive since you don't care to call to let anyone know how you're doing, but know this Ruth, this time around, your not going anywhere, I'm not going to spend another minute consoling my Mother about her daughters intermittent absences, or watching our father stress about your well being, no Ruth, this time you will stay with your family, no matter how filthy and evil you think we are." He pecked her on the cheek and walked into the house, their home.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed and rocking her whole body like she'd just suffered some serious childhood trauma. Seun watched with his left hand across his chest, and his right stroking his trimmed moustache.

"Naomi, we really need to talk about this."

Naomi didn't answer, she simply turned away like she was reacting to a slap in slow motion.

Getting on his knees and placing both hands on her knee caps, Seun searched for her eyes amidst the bush of hair that fell from her head.

"Naomi, look at me, look at me....please, say something, anything."

Her lips peeled apart and Seun brightened with hope.

"What do you do?"She asked.

The light faded from his face." I can't answer that."

"I saw you in a room full of dead bodies Seun, I think it's safe to say I already know."

"No, no you don't, it's not like that, we don't go around killing people like that, not without good reason." he said rising up and sitting beside her. "We're not murders."

"Then what are you Seun? and whose We, you and that creepy looking guy?"

"No, we're more like the foot soldiers, its... listen I think I've told you too much, you..."

"Shhhhh." she said into his neck ,giving him goosebumps. "I believe you, I just need you to trust me."

He kissed her.

Mr. Stanley Akinyola was more than happy to see his daughter, he was relieved! Her absence always circled him like a rabid dog, he knew that if he thought about it too much, he would shake and shift and the dog would sink it's teeth into him, filling him with fear and paranoia. So he had kept his cool and his patience had paid off, now she was here, his precious little girl was home at last.

"So tell me honey, what've you been up to this past few years, and please tell me that you're staying this time." He said as they set the table together.

Ruth cast a cursory glance at Jude as he walked into the dining area to join them and said nervously.
"I'm glad you brought that up dad, alot happened in the last 3years, and I will be staying, just not here...."

Mrs Akinyola walked in and Ruth was glad she would only have to make the announcement once.

"I'm getting married."

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