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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Filters 13

They sat on the couch watching TV, but they're minds were equally far away. Seun knew it was only a matter of time before Jude asked the questions that were burning beneath his tongue, and to him it was like watching an arrow inching towards his eye.

"Ok man, I can't take it anymore, she's cool, it's ok, I took care of it!"

Jude didn't stir or turn to face him, he acted as though he was totally engrossed in the TV program. So he droned.
"What, are, you, talking about?"

"Oh man come on don't do this to me, she's just a girl, and I'm a dog, you know the kinda girls dogs like me get down with? They're dumb! To her this is some sorta spy novel, she dey Jonze, nothing to worry about."


"Ok?" Seun asked feeling more agitated.

"Ok man, if you say there's nothing to worry about then it's cool." He picked up the remote, turned the TV off and turned to face Seun. "But the fact that your hell bent on convincing me shows that even you sense somethings amiss. I have things to do Seun, the man who killed my team and ended my life as I know it is still out there, and before I die, or go to jail I want to feel his pulse give out beneath my grip. So you understand why i'm uncomfortable with the sudden precariousness we're in."

"I understand man, and your right, it's too much of a coincidence she just happened to be there at a time, but still it's possible, just let me handle it."

"Sure." Jude said and turned away.


"But you brought Hakim to us, it would be most unfortunate for you if this girl whom you also brought, turns out to be trouble." He said and turned the TV back on.

Naomi was the only female in the meeting, all around her were men in suits, all of whom were no less than 10 years older than her, Mr. Charles sat to her right and throughout the meeting they had managed to avoid eye contact. The meeting had dragged on and on and she was getting wary, she could feel her composure and etiquette succumb to the strain of impatience and she really hoped it would end soon.

"I hope we're not boring you agent." Inquired Mr.Crawford, he was a stoutly old man she had only seen before in the hallways, he always replied her greetings with grunts so she stopped greeting him altogether, he didn't seem to mind.

"No sir, absolutely not. And I still stand by my statement, taking the criminals into custody at that time would've been inconsequential, now that I am in the No, they trust me, and I can wiggle my way to the top of the pyramid which I believe is compromised of Mr.Stanley and..."

"We already know who is at the top of the pyramid." interjected Agent. Wole, he was the oldest field agent in the firm, he had  20 years of experience under his belt, but to Naomi, this made him a blunt knife, rather than a sharp one.

"I know you do, but I bet you didn't know that he is now more or less a figure head, his son Jude Akinyola is the one who calls all the shots now, well at least the important ones."

The revelation caused everyone in the room to sit up. She was pleased and continued.

"Without a doubt he is still under his father's thumb, but his the weakest key target. His young and bound to be reckless, he is also quite close to the Mark which I was assigned to compromise."

Mr Charles shuffled uncomfortably in his seat and Mr.Crawford threw him a curious glance before he spoke.

"Perhaps we should indeed give you more time."

"Mr.Crawford, with all due respect, she's in too deep, I say we move in now with the intel she's already gathered and apprehend them..."

"Don't be silly Charles." Said Dr. Obinna Head Supervisor. " We all know how these things go, without Hard and irrevocable evidence they will simply buy their way out of prison."

The room took in the palpable adversity and Mr. Charles cleared his throat to speak.
"Perhaps you are right, I apologize for my poor judgement, however I feel we must augment our investigation, perhaps sending in another agent, one who will be more directly involved, one who will be a customer as opposed to...." He couldn't finish the sentence and stole a glance at Naomi.

"A lover?" she goaded. "Thank you, but I don't need any help."

"He is right, we should've taken the more direct approach in the first place, what is most ironic Mr. Charles is that you're the one who decided we start our investigation at the bottom." Said Mr. Crawford.

"And I apologize for that, but now I feel as though Miss..."

"It doesn't matter Mr. Charles, we cannot pull Miss *** from the investigation so as not to arouse suspicion, she will stay for a little while longer and we will send another undercover agent to buttress our investigation. This meeting, is over." Mr. Crawford said with a finality rivaled only by death.

 The room cleared out and Mr Crawford asked Mr. Charles to stay behind.

"I will be blunt Mr. Charles, you look like a bumbling fool, your lust for the girl blinds you."

"Excuse me?" Mr. Charles said as anger seeped through his nostrils.

"You heard me, it is quite reprimandable, and you do not bother to even hide it."

"Mr.Crawford, I don't know what you're talking about. I raised that girl like a child..."

"And now she is a woman, do try to keep your pants on, I need not remind you we have a strict policy about this."

Mr.Charles got up and bared his weight upon the table. He was trying his best not to snarl when he said.
"I think I'll go now Mr. Crawford."

"You do that, and remember who the enemy is Mr. Charles. The Filters; The Akinyola's, direct your anger and frustration towards them, take them down!"

To this Mr.Charles replied almost to himself. "Oh don't worry, I will..."

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