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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Legs wide closed - prelude

He felt like a hard knot screwed in badly. I knew I wanted him off me just I didn’t want him to feel so bad. He had tried hard to get between my legs so now that he got his crown, he should savor the moment like a real king. That brought laughter to my face though cause a real king should fuck like royalty and not a slave. He jerked. Is that a cry I hear? I wonder. Why do men look like hardcore yet they cry like babies when cumming? Beats me!
As I put on my clothes not caring to have a bath just thinking, ‘I guts to get out of here fast’. His hot breath covered my delicate skin with invincible tar as I quiver in disgust. ‘that was lovely darlyne’ he said with his fake British accent. I shuddered and wore my booths in a hurry. He tried to cup my face to kiss me but I wiggled free with a fake smile. I do not kiss men I don’t fancy as a rule and this…was just a pity fuck.
The street was cold and dark. Fear was far from me cause my cossy bed was all I could think of. Men are becoming lousy by the second. Why can’t one pick a good lay. Initially, my thoughts were to visit another bar and pick up another stray but hey! I can’t risk another fucked up orgasm. This will do for the night. Dope mixed with tramadol and alchy will help stimulate my responses so I could cum with fore play. I cross over to my apartment with a smile knowing my fingers got work to do.
It was a cold night and only cold thoughts filled my mind. I missed him but my pride could not call him, he had to pay for what he did. I am paying too but a prize is worth ten thousand betrayals. In my case, it was 1 betrayal that felt like ten thousand (laughs).  I hate to masturbate but with the kinda not well tutored sex roving men we have out there now a day, masturbation was a plus. Better to half satisfy myself than to fuck a man that made me hate fucking him (shivers). Na, I ain’t that stupid anymore.
My escapades are becoming numerous but its needed cause I cannot be easily satisfied. But since I met him, he doesn’t satisfy me yet I just want to keep fucking him. I feel its karma, I feel its boomerang but hey, I feel something and that counts for everything. I quickly took a shower, smoked some weed with my very good spicey drug enhancer and ‘quick-quick’ my body start to dey hit record. Fingers slide down to find the lips as it rubbed gently against it. My breath deepens and quickens as I felt warm and slimy down beneath my legs. It escalates as my body starts to quake. But wait o, man scarce wey I guts play with myself like this? No good sex out there? The more my mind wanders the more the moans and groans my lips rendered. I was feeling every part of my body between my legs as I rubbed my fingers against my clits. I pushed it in, then deep, deep, deep and deeper as I screamed in pleasure. This was so good as the drug made my sense feel like I had a strong, fat dick in me fucking the living day lights out of me. I screamed in pleasure like a raging beast. My fingers got deeper as I bleed; I could fill the cum swell up in my veins, the screams got louder, the pleasure intense as I exploded to a thousand stars roving round Zeus as Hades kills him and drags the last breath out of his soul.
I went numb with my fingers still in-between my legs. Sweet sleep took me to nada land. What weed and tramadol can do to your brain.

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  1. Nothing stimulates the reader's mind as the "honest narrative style" of the writer. BEAUTIFUL.