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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Legs wide closed - 1

Some call me a whore. Not that I care. I love sex. It’s a born ‘need’. You know that kain need wey you don know since pikin say na brothel get you if reason nor gum your brain wen you old? That’s the kinda need I knew I had with sex. It was not one of reason but one of pure lust. I felt the urge for sex since I was 5, when I could reason, I never saw it nor felt it but sensed it. You catch my drift? You can never cause you ain’t me. (laughs). While kids talked about wanting to be doctors and lawyers and nurses, I said I wanted to be the queen dominitress of a brothel. An expensive one I must say, having 4 husbands ,living in 4 different countries, all knowing I have them but not caring cause they want to be with me badly. It was my fairy-tale (devilish grin). Lust was what I was born with, love I found out as I grew older.
It started with Damien. He was a cute innocent kid. Well I thought he was until I attempted to kiss him in elementary class and he stuck his long tongue into my mouth. It was awful, even at that age I knew kissing was a skill, an art that must be perfected. You don’t just stick your tongue in a woman’s mouth and exchange saliva and call it a kiss. NO. Just like you don’t stick it into her vagina and call it cunnilingus. It’s an act you gats to perfect, a god you have to worship in all glory. Let’s leave the kissing bit till much later and focus on the present. Cunnilingus. So, you think it’s what is written in the books? You feel you are a pro cause most ladies pretend to love it and moan, and shout just like the movies and you go about calling you self the cunniligust-king (laughs in pidgin). One thing for sure, we have a lot to learn in the art of sex in this country. But, that’s a story for another chapter. What do I want to talk about now, you tell me but I know it has to do with sex, great sex, I love to call it fucking!
 My first time wasn't magical as the books claim it will be. I actually wanted it to be over as I presumed it will be painful like our mum’s claimed it would be. Funny, it was neither. It was a shocker he was in, I didn't feel a thing; only heard him scream in delight as he gained entrance into the temple of doom. I got up, wore my clothes and went home. All I could feel was a shiver; the only thread to the path way of pure pleasure. Yes, the pain came in lil successions while I slept but all I could think of was the stream of fantastic ecstasy I will experience after and I couldn't wait. The next day, the experiments started. He got scared. ‘I thought you were a virgin, how do you know all these’ he asked. Ah sharap and just fuck, I thought. Now is the time to carry out all them tricks I read in the karma sutra book. Time to unleash the dominatrix. (laughs) it was a road to exploration and he, was a willing student; not that I the teacher knew much of what I was doing but, I was born to be a pro *winkwink*
After a while, it was time to experiment with older guys. Believe me, it was worse even. They knew NOTHING. The books just make it seem the older they are the better. I was the don, the leader of the pack, SHE that must be obeyed…SEXUALLY. (laughs) it was a joy ride I must say, I learnt the ropes the fun way. The more I got fucked the better I became. Sex was the food I lived on, I was in a world all for me. I had it all until I met HIM. Now he wasn’t what the books claimed he did be either. He wasn’t tall like 6feet 2inch, he did not have chiseled chin and he sure did not pack a 6inch but he was such a delight sexually to be with and here started the journey to sexual exploration and realization. Here in lived all I knew about how to please a man and keep him coming. The sexual advocate in me was about to be unleashed and there was no stopping me. It started with a phony phone call.
‘Hi, can I speak to Brenda?’ ‘who’? ‘Brenda’. ‘There is no one like that here’. Click. The phone went dead. I was so angry. I was expecting a call from a friend who just returned from London as I wanted to party that day and here was a call for a Brenda. None of my siblings had that name, none could bear that name, they were all guys. I was the only girl amongst 3 boys though the first born hence, my macho/control freak attitude. It wasn’t easy being an elder sister to 3 mischievous young men. Actually we were all teenagers at this point. I was 19 and the youngest was 13. They listened to me more than they did my parents cause I knew how to get them (laughs) the act of indulging one to get their weakness was an act I learnt early in life. I used it on my brothers so now I have secrets of them they never want out hence their loyalty to me. We all have secrets, secrets that we believe should be kept away for life, for we believe it can tarnish us hence we sell our souls to it so it can be kept hidden for life. Secrets that hold us prey to whoever we reveal it to. I don’t have secrets; I try not to at least so no one can hold me to ransom.
‘Please can you tell me your name? cause I swear she gave me this number and called herself Brenda’. This time, I listened attentively to his voice. He sounded Caucasian, just like my step brother. He had this softness to his voice like he couldn't hurt a fly yet I can sense mischievousness to it. This time I was nicer. ‘well I am sorry about that but this is the Jackson’s residence and I happen to be the only daughter. My names are all in my native dialect and my pet name sound nothing like Brenda except you are talking about my mum who passed away years back. My step mum is Caucasian like you but she isn't Brenda either so mister, I suggest you find that mysterious girl and get her real name. Bye’. I hung up the phone and burst into laughter. I can be nice and mean all at the same time and I love it. By the way, yeh I have a step brother, he is Caucasian like his mum and he is the only one that I still haven’t found his secret but I am still searching.
Later that evening, my favorite cousin Sandy came around. We loved to hide under the bed with our duvet covering our legs and read love novels, giggling at every sexual activity plus drool over the imaginary Greek god like men they describe. There was a time we actually didn't date a guy if he didn't fall into the ideal of a Greek god. At same time, we also made sure you had style, class and cash: We could tell from your watch, belt, shoe and the way you walk. Yes, men who are confident are often like that cause they have something to offer you more than their physical appearance and knowledge. They often elude sexuality cause they can pamper you – believe it or not, men get a kick out of the fact that they can pamper their girl however way they want but most especially how she wants – it gives them some sort of authority and make them more sexually confident and it eludes from them like a porous element.
After our ‘under the bed game’ we went into the shower together; as always. We never touch ourselves but did with our eyes; looking at our round boobs and feeling every curve of softness with our minds eye. Hers was small while mine was just big enough for a man to cup and fill his hands. We also love to stare at our vee-vee, looking at the way it curves and the little hair that surrounds it, then up to our lips as we lick them and stare into each other’s eyes in intervals and giggle. It was like a ritual, It was sooooo much fun. When we step out, we take it in turn to help dry our hair. This is the point we touch each other, slowly, seductively and needy. We giggle as we change position. I love to throw my head backward when she dries my hair. Then I did turn and stare her straight in the eyes, not smiling and watch how nervous she gets trying to keep up the stare as she dries my hair with the towel. Our naked body inches away from each other yet we won’t touch, just the towel in her hands, drying my hair while our breath, hot against our flesh gets heavy and pulsates in fast motion. I love to be in control and at that instance, I owned her. I laughed out and ran naked to the room as she recovered from her lust state and ran after me laughing too. We ran into my bed and under the sheets staring up at the roof, only legs in the sheet. This was what I liked doing, she just follows suit. Suddenly, her voice broke the silence. ‘By the way, I saw this really cute guy while hanging out with Bode. He kept disturbing me for my number and name so I gave him your number with a fake name ‘ she laughs again. ‘ Brenda, was that the name you gave him’? ‘Yes’ she said smiling, turning to the side to face me. I turned too to look at her and that instance, my room door flung open. In screams, we dug our naked body into the duvet, hiding from my step brother Clem. ‘Clem can’t you knock? That word was created for humans you know’. ‘There you go again with your cocky statement. And stop hiding your not yet blossomed bodies from me, I prefer women in their 20’s than shy teens that think they know it all’. ‘Grrr’ was all I could respond with. ‘nyways, mum needs your flat butt downstairs, she and your dad got some announcement to make’.
We threw the pillows at him as he shuts the door, dressed up and went down to get the info that I’ll be having another younger sibling but this time from my step mum. I prayed so much for it to be a girl and at the same time had mixed feelings as it reminded me of my mum. Next thing I knew, everyone was around me consoling me; I was sobbing. I looked up at my step brother who just stood there looking at me like as if saying ‘you are such a softie’. Then I turned to look at my cousin and everyone including I was shocked at what came out of my mouth ‘so this guy you told I was Brenda, do you think I will like him’?

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