Yesterday, I was asked again by some colleagues about how content marketers run their business every day. They wondered how I (and other content depending marketers) persuade my audience by giving away bits and pieces of fruitful information through contents. I remember them continuously bugging me about our “balancing act” between our reader’s contentment and our page’s optimization.
Of course, I gave in to their request and passed them my personal list of some facts about being a content marketer.
I don’t know if you can relate with these things that I have listed. I think it still depends on how you handle your market. But still, I hope you could learn something from my list.
  1. Our brain always thinks on what to create next – Marketing strategies and content flows do not stop, so thinking shouldn't be stopped, either.
  2. We see each and every word, phrase, sentence, paragraph and stories differently – So don’t blame me if I read too slow.
  3. We love synonyms – Because repetition of words turns our website viewers off.
  4. We also love adjectives – One common burden of content marketers is that our pool of adjectives are lessen each every time we create contents.
  5. Coffee is our friend – Nothing is more relaxing than keeping yourself awake from sleepless nights with a fresh cup of coffee.
  6. We think like our readers – We do not create contents that people couldn't connect with. Every time we create contents, we think like the ones who read it.
  7. We are walking newspapers – Our mornings will start by reading the news about everything, even about niches that doesn't relate to niche. Try and ask for the latest news, you’ll be surprised that we know them all.
  8. We think outside the box – We have rules to follow, but we tend to follow our own guts with our contents. We know that our website traffic loves something unique.
  9. Since we think outside the box, we don’t stick to plain strategies – We evolve each and every time we create contents. This is why viewers keep on reading our contents.
  10. We love viral contents – We know what the latest viral videos, articles and pictures before it can reach your television.
  11. We have our personal favorite site sources – We all have these sites that we always monitor. And yeah, we loved it more than Facebook or Twitter.
  12. Random ideas are very common – If we have to create a blog post or the like, it just magically pop-out from our minds.
  13. Procrastination is like neither friend nor foe – We know it’s there, but we just ignore it. No need to tell everyone “I’m Procrastinating!”. Instead, we use this chance to think more about our article.
  14. A comment or a likes means something really big to us – If only you could see our smiles whenever we see engagements in our articles.
  15. Deep within, we know that we are awesome – Yes, we are truly awesome!
So there you have it, these are 15 things that you knew (because I said it to you) about us, content marketers.
I guess you could use this list in the future whenever you meet a content marketer like me.
Thank you for reading my article! I hope that you did enjoy reading it.