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Monday, November 24, 2014

Legs Wide Closed - 2

It is one thing accepting a fake name and it is another accepting a blind date. I wondered what he did look like, will I like him, will he like me? Accepting to meet him was foolish yet fun. At least we do not have serial stalkers like in Yankee (though I think I love the idea - laughs). This adventure just started and I loved it. I never saw myself like a young teen, I saw myself like an adventurous animal, one ready to be unleashed. Normal was so boring I could kill myself. So he stepped in. Eyes popping, I had to confirm from my notes that the clothes matched the description. Hell, no one told me Arabs could be this good looking. The worse, no one said their charming smile could literally make one cum.  'I never knew you'd be this beautiful, I was sure you will be sexy but not all in one'. I giggled; he's got charm, he sure knows how to woo a lady. We sat and all of a sudden, I felt I cheapened myself, I needed to play hard instead I just fell for his looks and sweet talk - Bla! And that's how my shakara started oh! He was perplexed at my character, I was cold. 'Did I do something wrong, did I pollute the air or my eyes are dropping out of my sockets to you irritation? Now that got me, sense of humor was a turn on I learnt early.  I smiled, looked at him and told him 'What do you want from me?' ' everything you can give' 'and what do I get in return?' 'anything you want' ' ok then, do this and I will give you a life time of pure pleasure... get me the world'. I stood up and walked away. I like the chase, I like the daredevil catch me if you can flirting. Let's see if he is what I want. I didn't look back, fuck the movies, this is real life, we don't look back to prove we are interested.
Getting home, my cousin jumped on me and we started to chat. Yes, I was attracted. Yes, I kinda like him but no, I won't play easy. 'you can form sha, thank God say you fine' my cousin spat and walked away. I laughed. Forming is all part of the game, how else do you get some one's attention if not playing hard to get. Guys claim they don't like it but they actually do. Check am; how many guys do you know that are still with the babe that was easy and acted as if they can't live without the guy? long thing. Guys like the chase, they like to own, if they feel they don't own you they will keep trying till they do. Why do you think they can cheat on their wives?  Them don own her na (laughs). Me, I small but I understand the game well, playing it to my ability and this newest toy. I knew he'd call and wasn't surprised when he did less than 2hours later. 'You like the chase don't you?' 'pardon?' 'you like men chasing you, given that you are so pretty in an exceptional way'. 'Oh! that' 'Yeh that (he laughs) at first I was going to back out when you confessed to me that You weren't the one I met, then I got taken a back when you said your name wasn't even Brenda and neither was your cousin but, it got interesting when you said you could be Brenda if you wanted to be and a bitch if I am not who I say I am...' I laughed. '...I've got the world in my hands waiting for you' 'you got what?' ' the world, just like you asked for, remember? where do you want it delivered? I want to see you again, tomorrow 2pm, same fastfood, don't disappoint my fierce princess' he laughed and hung up. I smiled, I def am loving this guy. 'DEE'! I screamed, 'HE CALLED'! my cousin came running, 'he did? you this babe you be baddo o' we both laughed, chatting away.

Three days later, I sat in Ikram's apartment, eyes blinking in admiration, looking at my world in my palms. He was charming I must say; who would have though he would get the globe (laughs) cute. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. 'I knew you would like it' I laughed out loud 'You think you know me' 'I know something, like I knew if I had given you the gift the day after it won't come as a surprise and it won't put such smile on your lips' I laughed some more. 'Want something to drink? 'yeah, why not, let me have something with alcohol' 'You will like this, it is an American beer' he dashed off and before you knew it, we were both lying back flat on the living room rug, cracking jokes and drinking corona. How the day flew. Back in my room, all I could think about was him and suddenly, my phone rang I ran off to get it to the amazement of everyone - its a giving that I love being alone in my room after 7pm - It was Ikram, he was missing me too and wanted to find out if I was in bed. Of course I wasn't. We talked till 2am and only had to cut off so he could sleep for work but we had another date planned. That date spelt it all out!