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Friday, November 28, 2014

Legs Wide Closed 3

I looked lost. Lost is the right word you know cause I was staring at the roof, naked on the cold tiled floor of Ikram's apartment. He was lost too, like we both were virgins, having sex for the first time. Can I explain it? do you want to know? Trust me, watching porn doesn't come close to the electricity Ikram and I shared. It can literally crash a transformer for years.
'Put on the trench coat you received this morning and expect a cab by 2pm. Don't wear anything under just a lovely fragrance (please shower), he will bring you to me'. Wow! I love the role play, no one does it better. 'The cab guy says we are 3 minutes away. Leave the door unlocked, when I step in, say nothing, do nothing, just worship at my feet and my body. Remember, no words'.  I could feel him smile when I sent the sms, I could feel him rush to take a shower and spray the room with his cologne. I was twitching, nipples erect, I was ready, I was hot, I was wanting. The door was just not unlocked, it was slightly ajar. I saw the petals before entering the living room, saw the candles creating the part, I was in cloud 8 even before my foot touched the marble. I saw the lights deem and in colors, I tried not to run to him, just took my time. I pushed open the room door, the bed was there, filled with petals with candles at the bed side drawer was empty. I stepped in a bit curious and turned suddenly as the door shut and arms grabbed me, pushing me closer to his chest. His cologne hit me as my head falls backwards accepting his kisses. His left hand tracing under my coat, pinching my erect nipple. I was gone but I had to show him I was SHE, the desired one. I pushed him away smiling, turn round and walked round the room, admiring the setting. I turned back to look at him resting on the wall, smiling, watching. I walked to the window and opened it slightly 'Do like to be watched?' I asked expecting no answer and getting none as my coat dropped to the floor exposing my naked body. I stood backing him, drawing the curtains open as I felt his hardness behind me, then one arm cup my neck, taking a bite on my ear lobe, the other hand, searching for my wetness. I stopped the search, taking the arm to my boob., squeezing it tight as I moan out loud, he did too. I turned swiftly and planted a deep kiss on his lips, he sucked hungrily. I laughed, pushed him away and walked towards the bed. He turned and watched me with that mischievous smile, enjoying the tease, not bothering to move. I climbed on the bed in a slow sexy crawl just like in the musicals. Laid flat then slowly turned round and glide up like if possessed. I turned to face him and with my arms, slowly parted my legs. Left one to cover my sweetness while using the other to trace my body up to my erect nipples, pinch it and continued to my neck, teasing the neck, moaning, then crawl to my lips, licking middle finger and stopped. Finger still in-between lips, I asked 'Do you wanna be fucked'? He chuckled and walked slowly across the room to a mini bar and poured himself a drink. Backing me. He was calling my bluff. Finished a glass, he turned and looked at me,  'Fuck me' he said with all seriousness, his eyes dim. I felt the blood rush through my veins to my head and became dizzy. Slowly, I crawled out of the bed, landed on the ground and crawled to him. I felt him hold his breath as my lips trace his thighs up to his willy, With a loud exhale as my mouth swallowed it fully. A moan escapes. Inside my mouth, my tongue played with him, rolling, tickling, licking. As I pull out, I slowly trace the base of his willy with my tongue, licking it up to the cap, rolling it on the cap breathing air onto it. I kissed, licked, rolled my tongue continuously up and down, round and round. His hand grab my hair and I gently freed it, pushing it away. He rested them on the bar table, getting the message as I felt his toes cringe. Yes, I was hitting a cord. I swore he prayed in Arabic, I swore he talked to someone. Enjoying my tease, I gave him another deep throat; this time, I did not wrap my lips on him, instead, exhaled on it as I went down slowly then in a flash, grab it with my lips and sucked. He moaned in pleasure then suddenly, screamed out 'fuck it', grabbed me by the head and raised me up, planting a deep painful kiss on my lips then led me by the hair to the bed.