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Monday, January 5, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 4

Sex with Ikram was explicit. It was basically for the fucks. We enjoyed it, we loved it and we role played. Every new style we saw, we did it. I made sure we explored new venues: Car, backyard, under the staircase, on the balcony at night, living room, kitchen door way - yes we did it where the door stood lol, standing. It was a new world I was exploring and I had a willing and good partner to experience it with.

Lying naked on his sofa, he pinched my nipple till they turned red and swollen. He slowly crawled towards them, soothing the pain with his tongue. The feeling was arousing, my clits got erect and was throbbing. Suddenly, he got up and headed for the bar. I watched him go, walking with his 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. His cute bum wiggling as if teasing me. Oh how I love to bite them. 'You want a drink?' 'na, not thirsty' he turned to look at me, his glass half full with champagne 'you sure?' I nodded. 'kool'. I stared at his pendulum, wondering how something that lifeless can give so much pleasure. His was curvy, I know - I know, Ladies say curvy dicks touch where it matters most but for me that is not always the case; just like not all big dicks can give pleasure. I had a curvy once, it was so painful and never exciting to fuck him so I broke up with him after 2months. He was such a nice guy, and a cutie too. But Ikram, his curvy was made for me (giggles). I caught him watching me, a big smile on his face 'what, why are you staring at me?' 'nothing' 'liar pants on fire, spill' He laughs. 'Well, you amaze me, your energy amazes me. I won't want to marry a woman who doesn't love sex, it will be hard for me' I giggled again. 'Hard, how?' He drops the glass and crawls to me, cups my face in his palms, raising me up so we could look eyeball to eyeball at each other and said 'You my dear are ready to fuck anytime any-day anywhere. That is how' he planted a hard kiss on my lips as he curled to lay on top of me, my hands cup his butt and squeeze hard, digging  fingers into his skin. His hands found their way behind me, giving me a big hug and at the same time, lifting me up as he got up himself. With a force, he turns me round and bites the side of my neck; a soft moan escapes my lips. He kisses my shoulder, my hands, my back, licks down my spinal cord, bites my butt while squeezing the other hard, slowly, taking time, exploring my body, my back. Another moan but this time, a loud one.  With his hands, he trails every curve of my body, breathing hard on my skin, my body hair stands as his breath tingles my skin. 'You are beautiful' his husky voice said. I smiled. At once, he bends me over and rams into me as my scream of pleasure fill the air. 

He steps back as I pushed him away. Walking towards the sofa, I knelt and bent over in a kneel, head resting on sofa head, legs apart and inviting. He laughed, walks towards me and ramms into me hard as he rolls my long hair round his left palm. With his right, he gave my bum a hard slap. I scream out in pleasure as I rammed him in return. My left hand crawl under me, reaching his balls and playing with them. He understood pleasure. I understand pleasure. His right hand found its way to my face, lifting my head up, aiding my back to arch more. I bite his palm, trying to control my screams. Yes, I am a screamer and he sure knew how to make me scream. His left hand dragged my head back more, making me feel pain and pleasure at the same time. I scream more as his right hand grabs my neck, choking my screams back in. He rammed harder and starts to groan. That was my cue as I wiggled my waist in circular motion round his dick, his groan gets louder as he rammed harder and faster, pushing in deeper. I rolled more, moaning so loud as I felt him burst in me. He squeezed hard into me then releasing his butt briefly and squeezes again screaming in pleasure as my hand soothes his balls. 'Fuck you, what are you doing to me' he said has he fell on me.


  1. Wow.... She does it again as always... Thumbs up Sush

  2. Oh I'm gna have to be following this...