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Friday, January 30, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 5

It's not every time you find someone who shares the same body chemistry with you. That is why some people confuse it for love. Mind you, the difference between love and lust is that when you 'love' you never notice how bad your partner is in bed cause everything satisfies you about your partner but, when it's 'lust' the sex is the focal point of satisfaction, the sex must be great lol and you can let everything go for just another round this is why people confuse the two. Love - not necessary a good sex partner. Lust - definitely a good sex partner.

Ikram and I could never have enough of each other. We knew the chemistry we felt could not let us put a name to what we had; years passed by and lovers fused inbetween yet we felt closer and nothing threatened the closeness. Our chemistry was never threatened by what it was until 'she' came into the picture. 'hey you' 'hey-hey'. 'seeing you tonight?' 'not sure, got an outing to make so will be home late' 'ok, buzz when you are horny for me' I giggled. Line goes dead. I turned round to lay on my back, flinging my legs in the air, reminiscing about our last escapade at an alley in my estate. He had drove to my house without telling me...'hello' 'come outside, wear a short skirt, no bra. Walk down and turn left, don't keep me waiting'. My clits twitched. His voice does that to me every time (even as I write I can still feel it, with the tingling sensation that goes round my body). I raced into my wardrobe, got out a short black skirt and a free tank top. I put it on, spraying body mist on my body. I didn't bother to shower cause most times, he liked the smell of my sweat; said it turns him on - dirty sex. I quietly slipped out of the house and walked fast, my heart beating so fast I could hear it. It made my head swell and my eyes blur, the chemistry between us was always so intense. We lived for the moment always. His car light flashed and I rushed to the car, flung the back door open but he instead, he stepped out 'No, not inside, come to the back outside'. Without saying a word I followed him to the back as he grabbed my hair and planted a hard kiss on my lips, bruising my lips. He pulled my head backwards with my hair and starts to bite my neck so tenderly, licking at intervals as I mourned, rubbing legs together wanting him hard inside me. I screamed out in little pain from hurting neck, trying to keep it straight but he pulled some more as I scream in pain and pleasure while he, nibbled on my nipples which were hard under the tank top. I pushed him away, squatting, I made for his pants. His belt was nowhere to be found and I was happy at the discovering. I sucked his hardness, biting tenderly, undoing his pants. My hand found its way in and freed the willy as I licked the cap slowly, making sure I breathe hard on it. He mourned loud 'Fuck' he said. Using my tongue only, I went round the cap, kissing just the tip then licking it round. 'fuck' he said again, trying to push my head closer to his pelvic but I resisted, throwing both his hands away, refusing for him to touch me. He laughed, I know that laugh, it was a 'You love to kill me don't you' kinda laugh. My hands found its way to his balls as I bent my head further downwards to receive them in my mouth. Another scream from him. I licking the balls, Sucking softly then licking again. Slowly, I traced the vein at the back of his willy up to the cap and suddenly, took the whole cap into my mouth and sucked fiercely. His mourns grew louder as his left hand reached for my head and massaged. This was his fav, I knew it; his cap was very sensitive. I sucked hard on it and suddenly, went down fast, taking him whole in my mouth. Now, both his hands were on my head, popping my head, assisting my suck. His face was looking downwards, watching me as my eyes looked up, watching him. I loved to watch him enjoy himself, I love to see I give him pleasure, He...loved to see me looking at him as his eyes rolls to the back and back at me again. I felt the rush (when you concentrate you will notice the sperm running up), I knew he was about to explode so I slowed down again. This was his cue as he lifted me up, turned me around and leaned me on the car booth. He raised my skirt in a rush, breath hard on my skin and slammed hard into me. He quickly wrapped my hair round his arm and rested the other on my butt as I screamed out in pleasure. I noticed a light come on in the house opposite but I was too far gone to care. He rammed so hard and so fast, screaming as he came, squeezing my butt so hard and dragging my hair so hard. I screamed hard from pain and pleasure as I felt his dick hit the walls of my horny pot. I felt him explode as my horny pot tightened round his willy. He jerked hard into me and stretched for a few then did it again as if trying to empty his balls lol. This made him slow down as the hard jerks also softens. Still screaming in staccato, he, uncurls my hair in his grip and hugs me from behind. I loved to satisfy him. He kissed me deep and affectionately on my lips as he noticed the light go out. 'someone was watching' he laughed. 'I know' I said, 'but who cares' we both laughed. 'make me cum' I whispered. 'sure' he said 'You know I am not a greedy lover'. He took my hand and led me to the back of the car, smiling at me with his flirtatious smile, I smiled back, licking my lips, ready to be SATISFIED.

The phone ringing brought me back to my room, I sat up and listened as it rang again. I ran to it hoping he had changed his mind. 'let's go see a movie' my cousin's voice called. 'Sure' I said, a bit sad. In another 30minutes, we were in the mall, strolling down with our popcorns and laughing as I noticed a couple in front of me and froze. It was Ikram, laughing affectionately to whatever the molato on his arm was saying. Worst, she kept on kissing him on the cheek at intervals. I think he felt my stare cause just after kissing her briefly on the lips, he turned, his smile fades at the sight of me.