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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 6

Betrayal is a cruel world.

Rumpled sheets and tear filled pillow
Sorrows grind at heartfelt willow
Love's best and betrayers widow
Search forth for that hidden mellow
Dream and reality live in shallow
Chasing dust and shadow
Frisking molds of puddles
In warm firm cuddles
Lies deceits own hurdle

I never thought I could feel so much pain for a man. It was a devastating blow like WWii just happened in my heart. I hate lies. Lies I believe is the root of all evil in life and all deaths. Stealing can be forgiven especially if it's my heart stolen by a Greek god with chisel chin, 6feet 4inches tall and firm large 6packed full chest with hairs growing like a gorilla (ok I sound like a lady in heat). Its allowed to steal in my dictionary called life but to lie...NO, a BIG NO. NO, NO, NO. Grrrr!
I loved to see his missed calls. They multipled by the hour. It's like he is stalking me with the calls but I am stalking him with revenge. How could he, like seriously, how could he? I don't care about the pretty molato, sexy slim, tall curvy lady on his arms (of course I do care who won't). That he couldn't tell me he was hanging out with her hurts like a thousand grinding machine crushing hard rocks; that he lied crowned the hurt to devastation. We were not dating in all the right sense of the word but we shared a thing, a thing called respect so that means if you want to go on a date with a sexy crush, you tell the other, if you are considering even dating her...tell the other; if you start dating her hell it is a right to tell the other. No matter how it hurts, we can find it in our heart to let go and let it be. Not LIE! I HATE LIES! I try not to tell them, though I do tell them sometimes, especially at school, when I needed to hide out and smoke some, and drink some, and just get all naughty and don't want classes to rule my fun (mind you, my grades never suffered). I tell them when I do not want to hurt my family but, a subtle one so that it's not far from the truth. You know, the ones I call exaggerated truths - when you twist the truth but not necessary tell a big fat lie.  You might say you did not see a lie in the last chapter of events; that is cause I never told you about the other night.
I snuck up to Ikram. Warming up against his body under the duvet. 'You cuddle into me like a cat' I meowed, he laughed. He turned to look me in the eye and smiled. 'you are special you know' I nodded in agreement. He planted a kiss on my lips then looked up, staring at the roof, pensive. 'What is wrong sweets' I asked. He looked at me again and smiled. Kissed me on the lips and said 'You belong to me. even if I get married or you do, I will keep f**king you cause your p***y belongs to me'. In a swift movement, He turned and laid on top of me, looking deep into my eyes 'I can't let you go babe, you belong to me'. I smiled at him but deep down, was worried about the marrying other people. I grabbed him by the head and planted a deep kiss on his lips, sucking every juicy saliva from his tongue. I pulled away and sat by the corner of the bed, staring lovingly at him 'Are you seeing anyone'? I asked. 'No, of course not, why do you ask?' he responded so fast. I looked deep into his eyes again and asked 'You f**king anyone'? He laughed, 'Of course not, can anyone f**k me like you, I can't think of anyone just you'. He crawled to me and pulled me back into his arms. 'No one f**ks me like you do and so far am getting this, no one comes close so babe, I aint fucking anyone else but you and don't want to; you are my ride and die, I can't get enough of you, its magical with you' He planted a kiss on my forehead. I smiled and kissed him on the lips. 'You f**king anyone'? His words were said hurriedly and with fright 'Of course not' I said with a laugh, 'ok good cause I will kill that man'. We laughed and curled into each other's arms as the electricity went off. 'NEPA' he said as we both burst into hysterical laughter. He looked at me, went down, towards my thighs and opened my legs wide, looking deep into my eyes as he sank low, my breath held, waiting for what was coming. He hardly went down on me cause I wasn't really into it but when he goes down on me...I feel like a thousand stars twinkling all at once in my head, it must be him cause no one else makes me feel this way with a head.

My room door swings open as my cousin walks in, holding chocolate cake, licking her finger - obviously the cake. 'This came for you, no name just I'm sorry. Why don't you forgive and forget babe, it's been a week now. Stop tormenting both of you'. I looked at her and smiled 'I miss him though'. She smiled back, sat next to me and handed me a fork, take a bite and forget. The chocolate cake melted in my mouth, sending me on a sweet-nothing ride. I could forgive but it's hard to forget, the molato was too real to just be a fling or someone to forget. He had a lot of explaining to do.  

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