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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Naija Agency Peeps Fashion Category!

So I have divided my fellow agencies peeps into fashion categories please tell where u fit or i did be forced to place my friends in one lol! 

Ruff n tumble gurus: Have the rough look with their natural hair-do (mostly dready or afro) but dress nice. They want u to know dy r all creativity n brains mixed in one, we admire em but we dnt trust em cause most of dm love to play n act like bad boys of Madison street lol. For d ladies, dy r few, rare n dy STAND OUT. You see them on sweaters or jackets(guys) African long gypsy skirts n tubans n mostly native(ladies), their hair in a pony tail or all natural n standing (females mostly). They are dressed corporate casual most times n look smart in their outfits. If u look closely, u'll see dy actually raise their head chin high n shoulders out. They can feel! forming all natural but in truth...if u are natural y not go naked *runs*


Sexy Cinderella's: They want to be entertainment celebs n dress lik dy r on d run way, with french tips n make-up dt is so perfect(yep dy do know how to do dt). You see dm look all glam to work n am wondering hey, is it d pc's dts gonna admire u? esp if dy r creatives but then...all dm agency guys admire em n dts were it mostly ends(y dnt agency peeps date each other?) They love their selfies, dy dont post dm on facebook thou jst to show that dy r glam n in tune with d glam world. They usually fix dates amongst themselves to hangout n hardly hangout, dy go to their fellow adsman's party n jst sit, stare n giggle within dmselves like unibabes, one day thou, dy glam out into a man's home. Now dts d big laff cos dy fulfil d cinderella story without d 'happily ever afta' cos in the real world, we live real.

Johnny Bravo in flesh: Yep d must-be-sexy guys, they are all about grooming - we call dm d machismo. The think evry agency babe wants to do dm n as such, shuns dm but in truth, we mostly dnt evn notice dm but we def lik dt som agency guys can look like denzel! You see them always neat, haters whisper dt dy r gays others, that dy cant 'do it' well, to me, dy r always a welcoming sight cause let's face it, we don't have a lot of fine guys in agency like the banks do. And if a man takes time to look good, wow dts a plus. Spice dy say is good they make a good spice just...leave d too sexy to d ladies n lets see some 'rough' in u few times, it's a clincher u know.   

The Empire: Now most CEO/MD/COO fall into ds category. With their bow ties and Italian cut suits looking like the 21st century mafia. There is one I admire, he runs an empire for sure, d biggest most popular agency in Nigeria. He reminds me of Don Corleone with his bows. You see them n u want to own an agencyn be like dem but not me...I want to run a comp but will prefer to dress down - jeans n a tee does it always. But i guess if u r a CEO then u have to conform n dress like one - na true!

The Corporate Creatives: They dress like if dy work in d bank, I bet dy wish dy did. They bliv dt jst cos u work in an agency dont mean u have to dress down all the time - heck yeh! d dress down is why most of us work here. U see them with fancy ties choking d creatives out of em, dy r mostly client service n finance peeps, d few creatives who toll ds line...well na interview joh! Yes, when a creative dress coporate we all know they are going for an interview that is why I love to wear corporate to work once in a blue moon but never to an interview lol I do love to give fake diversion, it's my tin.  

EvaYung: Now ds is mostly for d older creatives, dy feel dy can neva grow old, u see dm bouncing, drawing tattoos like me (yes o I also fall in ds category o)crazy dressing, flaunting all d flauntables in a 'I dare u to try it' kinda way. They listen to rap n all d trendy music, love movies, love games - on their phones, xboxing, tablets - basically gadget freaks. They laugh so loud n give d crazy handshakes. They are always on social network, they never lack chatting, they love to create n dy love the affair games. Go to any joint n they are there, every wkend they r hanging with d boys even the females hang with d boys too. You need to remind dm their age sometimes but hey! It is a healthy way to live!

Outlaws: These r d rebels, colorful hairs, dark outlook etcetera. Now this is me till I was practically told to change by school, love n bosses (aaarrrrggggggg) anyway, am back to being ME! They like to dress the way they feel. From old school to the time of Greece to basket ball to baggy jeans. On day they dress in all black, another all jeans and another ...they are themed in their mind n dress the part. They also think far and deep, never like everyone else. For me I like to see them as true creatives, the geniuses cos ur mind must reflect in our xter. Yes, I like the outlaws, the fashion rebels. Forgot to add, they r d true romantic n sexy gurus. Always writing, drawing or anything dt will bring out that rebel in them(just like I am doing now). They are FREE people.

Finding Nimo: Now this ones dnt knw were dy belong, dy r still fnding their style lol today they are sexy, tomorrow the corporate, after they r ruff n tumble n dey do a bad job bout it all. They long so much to belong that whatever crowd they are in at the moment is how they dress. they are mostly newbies in an agency or the less confident people. few have d creative mind but alot of them found themselves in agency due to job search. They mostly leave agency job after a while n find themselves as admin in other industries.

I would have loved to put real #Admen pictures and name agencies who practice which more but...I am still a staff o n after naija ads, I have learnt dt my mouth will kick me out of agency soon (bhuahahahahahahhahahahhahahaaaa)


  1. Hahahahaha.
    Nice read; madam ever-young outlaw. :)

  2. I don't belong to any group. It's really funny.

  3. Funny enough, i know at least one guy and one babe in each category. SUZIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE...u kill'n em once again