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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 8

When trust is broken, it's hard to recover.

Days went by and lonely nights crept in. I just couldn't face Ikram. His reasons didn't add up, how can a man who made his own decisions and ran his own company be ruled by another. It was impossible. there was obviously something he wasn't telling. My ringtone brought me back to consciousness 'Hi' I cooed into the phone 'It's been a while, how are you?' 'Fine' I replied 'One word response; I am in real trouble' He giggled I didn't. 'You are obviously still pissed I can see; Come out, am at your door.' I quickly sat up in shock and looked towards the living room door. A smile crept on my face. He was spontaneous like me and I loved that about him. I ran to the door happily but as soon as I opened it, I put up a straight face. He grabbed me and kissed me as I pushed him away 'Someone can see us and my parents are in bed'. 'I miss you' he cooed, don't spoil this beautiful thing we have, let it die natural, please. I belong to you and you me'. That brought a smile to my face as I planted a kiss on his lips. 'Go away Ikram' He laughed knowing I meant the opposite. He dragged me by my right arm, shutting the door behind him and lead me towards the kitchen in whispers 'Ikram what are you doing, my family is home'. The kitchen door opened and slammed quietly behind us as he dragged me into his arm and placed a hungry kiss on my lips. My words swallowed in the lust of his soft lips against mine. In an instant, I forgot about my parents as his arms roamed beneath my dress, free from underwear's. He moaned in pleasure. is moans always turn me on as they were husky and often in whispers. He turned me round swiftly, bending me over as my arms rested on the kitchen cabinet for support. Suddenly I felt my dress lifted as he entered into me with force. I bit down on my lower lips trying hard to suppress a loud moan. He stretched in me for what seems like minutes until his willy grew hard inside of me; again he let out a soft moan. Grinding his pelvic against my butt in circular motions, waist still stretched, keeping him whole inside of me. I could feel my clits throb, excited at the slow but pleasurable movements, I kept on biting but a soft moan escaped from my clinched teeth. 'arrrrgggg' He moaned loud as he starts to ramm me fast, holding my waist, guiding it to throb on his willy as I wiggle in circular motion, still suppressing moans. He fell on me as I leaned more on the kitchen cabinet. He kissed my ears 'that was the most silent sex we've ever had' I laughed, nodding in agreement as he pulled out, making cum spill and roll down my legs. We heard footsteps and quickly got dressed as I quietly lead him out the back door, walking back to my room with a smile on my face.
I loved to work out in front of my mirror and mostly in dance format to my favorite songs. This time, I was listening to cake, a remix by Rick Ross. Suddenly my breath became heavy and I just felt so horny. Ring, my phone rang and I ran to it 'Are you a wizard, I was just thinking about you and started to twitch' He always made me twitch even now as I write. He is like my nemesis, the sex was too perfect, too legendary. 'I couldn't stop thinking about you after I left your kitchen, I can't seem to get you out of my head'  I smiled in acknowledgement then suddenly a frown as I remembered the molato. We agreed not to talk about her again and since then, I have been trying to keep it together but in truth, it was just a soft reminder that we weren't dating and he wasn't ready to date me. 'Why can't you date me Ikram, is it cause you think I have had so many partners'? 'No not at all, I am just not ready for a relationship, you even said it once that you think I am scared of one and I am'. I hate it when he uses my words against me. 'come over babe, I want you' I twitched again, this time clits throb so fast and I flushed all over. 'I will be there in an hour'. Line went dead.

In an hour, I was in a doll dress lingerie, red in color with red heels and a blu-ish colored mask. I cat walked to the  living room where he was seated waiting for me. He smiled at the sight of me, I could see the lust in his eyes as it twinkled. His dick suddenly hard beneath his pants. 'wow, you look lovely. I'm I getting a lap dance?' 'Shhh' I replied. 'Just enjoy the show and remember, no touching'. I took the remote and played the cake song already set. Then slowly, I start to dance in a seducing way, taking time to touch my body without touching the sensitive parts, eyes focused on his,  dimmed with lips slightly apart. I crawled up to him and slowly, got up, making sure my breast brush against his thighs and body, He touched my hair and I took his hands off, dropping them with force as a warning not to touch me again. He smiled and threw his head backwards, nodding in agreement. Then stared at my boobs, making my nipples stand erect as my clits throb, his eyes always did that to me, my body always responded to him that way. I feared for me, what could happen to me when we stop; I brushed that of my mind as I gave him my back, lap dancing or should I say lap fucking him. I could feel his hardness grow as he moaned in pain and pleasure, he raised his arms to hold me but dropped them again screaming. 'arrrrgggg I want you, I want to f**k you right now, I need to f**k you hard so you understand the effect you have on me' I smiled and turned round, kissing him yet not letting him touch me. Then slowly, I get off him, took a step forward and turned, twerking for him. He laughed, laughed so loud like someone being taunted. I was taunting him. 'Fuck it' he said, as he grabbed me and lead me to his sofa. In fast motion, he took my panties to the side with his zipper down, freeing willy. Before I could even stop him, I felt him ram into me fast 'arrrgggg' he screamed again and again, ramming faster and faster, harder and harder into me as I moaned louder each time, my hair all over the place while he used my panties as support for his rodeo ride. I felt my brains burn with excitement as we both came without even noticing it cumming. He quickly pulled out, turned me over, Standing over me, he forced me to kneel in front of him and forced himself into my mouth as I sucked the cum seductively, swallowing him whole. He always taste nice. Slowly, he pulled out, moaning softly from satisfaction as he lifted me up gently, planting a soft kiss on my lips, tasting his cum mixed with mine. At that minute, I knew I was in deep trouble and wondered how I'd ever cop without fucking him!

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