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Monday, March 16, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 7

Cheeky way of explaining the molato, just like him. not saying much but trying to dust it under the bed. 'Since when did your mum have a say in your relationship? I don't get, and why didn't you tell me cause obviously this relationship has being brewing'. He was lost for words and I wasn't ready to play nice. I needed to get to the root of all this, I needed to know why he lied cause for me, lying means its more than just 'a small thing'. Men lie for bigger reasons. If it was a fling they are quick to say it and laugh and beg you but if they feel for that other and have no plans to end it soon or at all, they lie about it. Don't get me wrong though, some of them LOVE to lie, it's an ego thing to sleep with lots of girls and lie to the lady they claim they love about it. Even the Bible and the experts tell that you don't lie to someone you truly love. Nigerian men, most of them don't know anything about love; they lie about that too but hey, Ikram is not Nigerian so... I needed that confession.
Funny part is he didn't even invite me to his house as usual for this chat, he took me out for dinner and got a table in a private corner. Was he hiding me? 'Why are we even here and not at your place, are you hiding me?'. 'Babe you are getting over your head about this, it's nothing. Please, it's just to please my mum I swear, I have not even touched her, you are the only one I am sleeping with'. ' So I am your sex toy? I should be glad you f**k me but keep her special?' 'No, you are getting me wrong' I slammed my napkin on the table and walked out on him. It was so annoying, I don't even know why I was getting angry for real. We weren't dating, He was right about that but we had something. That something was special and needed to be respected at least we promised to always tell each other about any other especially when we need to move on or want to move on. It's crazy the way men find it so easy to walk  away on a lady like they never cared, like they have a switch on switch off button. They can be with a girl for years and in a second just walk out on her and be with another babe - and they wonder why they most often end up with the wrong lady. You can't hurt someone that gave her all to you, love you and expect to find it true again, karma is a bitch you know. But wait...could I be in love with Ikram? A cold sweat broke on my forehead as I jerk to his touch. I never realized I had stopped in the middle of the road, lost in oblivion. 'come inside babe, its cold'. I turned to look at him 'Why are you crying sweets?' How could he not even know why I am crying. 'I'm having feelings for you Ikram, I think it's best to call it off'. My words pierced deep into his heart and I could see the anger in his eyes. 'what are you talking about, why are you ending what we have, for what reason? why end this beautiful thing we have, why not let it die natural, do you even know where it could lead us? Babe don't do this'. More tears rolled down my eyes, I could not bring myself to hug him yet that is what I felt like doing instead I turned and walked away. He stood there looking at me then ran to me, pulled me to himself and started to kiss me. I felt warm inside and lost my guard. We kissed so passionately for what seemed like hours then we stopped. Looking into each other's eyes, we felt the passion swell in our tummy. He lead the way and I like a lamp to the slaughter, followed obediently.

If there is one thing I know well about Ikram is that he loves to hide his feelings. I know he cares for me alot, the things he does for me and the way he kisses me; you know we ladies feel these things lol. My only fear is that Ikram knows how to deny himself, especially when it comes to feelings. He was brought up that way I believe. There was a way he kissed me when we got to his apartment that night, it wasn't our usual kiss. It was like he was trying to pass a message to my soul, to my heart. We had never kissed for that long before, even I didn't want to stop. If we ran out of breath, we briefly stopped and continue.Then Suddenly, he pulled my head backwards, looking deep into my eyes, he said 'You are my ride or die babes, don't forget that'.  Then he got up and lead me by the hand to the bedroom. In front of his dressing mirror, he stopped, turned me to face the mirror and then buried his lips on my neck. A tiny sound of pleasure escaped my lips. He nibbled on my neck as he gently caressed my nipples. My hand cupped his, assisting him on the nipple as the other massages his neck. Gently, he undressed me, kissing and fondling. I assisted him to get out of his clothes as I went down on him and took him in my mouth. Teasing with my tongue. Playing with just the cap, my tongue tracing every curve. He let out a soft moan. Then he lift me up, gently planted a kiss on my lips and bent me backwards, kissing round my nipple as they grew hard. His hard breath on them tingled my senses as I moan louder. Gently, he licked and teased them, I wanted him, wanted him so badly as I tried to caress his head, he stopped me and pinned both my hands behind me with his left hand. He went lower to my navel, bending me further, I screamed out from the pain felt on my lower back and at the same time the pleasure his tongue was giving me. Suddenly, he turned me around and bent me forward, making my back arch. He then gently entered me from behind, the pleasure was so much I felt my brain explode as I screamed his name. He rammed me gently, then gradually increased the pace. His left arm cup my neck, bending it towards him, making my back arch more as I felt a bit choked, his grip tightened round my neck. The pleasure was so much I screamed 'I'm cumming', He started to ram fast in me as he screamed too, grinding his teeth against each other, Cumming same time. We both fell gently to the ground, still wrapped in each other's arm as a tear ran down my face.