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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Life in its infinite ways gives you a kick, shove, slap or even a run for your money. It wakens you to the trueness of your calling. Though, we really can’t pin-point our reason for being on earth, yet we run this race with a determination to make it worthwhile.  It’s funny when you sit to think about the pleasures, the pain and the wants and realizing when death comes, you’ll take it nowhere.
Now death, another phase to face; what happens in the afterlife? Why can’t we take what we have acquired here on earth with us to the afterlife? Why would our body decay? And if it’s true our soul will remain alive, why can’t we connect with others soul while on earth? Why is it we know nothing of what happens when we sleep? Is sleep not a temporary death? why can't we know how it feels to leave our body before death?

So many questions and no answers! It reminds me of the first… where, what and why can’t I remember stuffs that happened when I was in the womb of my mum? Why can’t I remember all the naughty, nasty and funny things I did as a baby? I have the feeling I reincarnated but if I did, why I can’t I have a glimpse of what happened before?
Now, with all this questions of no answers, why should I believe that when I DIE, there is a life after?

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