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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Red District

Life seems good when you a step ahead of someone
But you hate the step in front of you
When the truth is spoken we hide under a lie
Cause lies we can’t bear but the truth pierce deep
Sharp like a roman sword, digging deep into the heart
A woman is priceless only if she honors her ‘hood’
Many shall seek the juice pot with sincere lust
But when taken, they seek yet another
If well preserved, they see the best in you
But there comes a few many men
Who think with only their pendulum!
These men would act to understand when still in tune
But when out of it, you know the trueness of their feelings
Men who want nothing but a taste never gives the best
Friendship don’t end in the bed with real men
They know you for your good and your bad
Not just the pleasures you give
But ma bad, most men are like the negative I preach
So maybe in this country… they are the real men!
God help all women from the lies and cheats called MEN!
Cause even them now feel it’s part of manhood.

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