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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story of my Life!

When you have a near death experience, u tend to appreciate life more and understand the reason to do good and be happy always.
As a lady, there are 2tins I fear the most rape and drowning. Rape cos I feel I would not be able to leave with myself hence might fight them till they kill me and drowning cos I don’t want to die a painful death; one I can’t try to fight and win…a lost course.
Two days ago, I was robbed, the thieves actually drove off with me and the only thing I could think of this the end? What can I do to salvage this. Luckily for me the car had a flat tire not far from where I was apprehended and I was abandoned with the car. I keep thinking to myself ‘what if’ an if I really don’t want to find out about.
It’s true the stories going on, if u get hit by a car at night, speed off don’t stop. It’s the new tactics with robbers.

Till my poems and short stories surface again, do keep in touch on the group ENIGMA on facebook. Cheers.

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