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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The wake-up call!

A soft scream escape my lips as I stare dreamily into space.
I turn to look into the eyes of my victim as I noticed the ring on my finger. Getting up was a bit of stress but I knew I had to get my head cleared from all this insanity.

‘Come to bed’

He called,

‘You still need to punish me’.

I smile and turn away. Walking towards the bathroom, kicking the door open.

Staring into the mirror brought shame to my face. Why did love have to hurt so? Why did it have to be so rigid and selfish? The cold splash of water brought me back to life, to the sound of a can open.

‘For you dearie, am sure you are exhausted’.

He poured the cold drink into my mouth as I let some slip down my bare chest, flowing like a river finding a path, giving my swollen nipples a tingle.

‘Let’s do it again’ I purred ‘I feel energized’.

He led me back to the bed with his arms on my butt squeezing hard; fingers dig into my skin, getting me all wet.

‘Cuff me’ I cried, ‘I need to be punished, CUFF ME!’

I feel the hard whip tear into my skin as I scream out in mixed pleasure. Flashes of him keep ruining my senses. I scream again in terror as I see him weep at my feet, pouring out his heart, offering me his soul.

‘I don’t deserve him’ I scream, crying uncontrollable. ‘PUNISH ME!’

I cried out again as I felt it hard entering into my rear. His face crawled round to my nipples, biting hard, as HE rammed harder. My scream fills the air.

Releasing his guts, he spoke breathless into my ears

‘You lovely deary, no other like you’.

Falling on me after his last jerk making me fall on him as his teeth sunk into my chest. Their snores break the silence as I hear a whisper, crying, saying

‘why me, why me?’

I replied,

‘I’m sorry baby, I just don’t deserve love from you. Am sorry you love me so’

I watched his ring of affection slip from my middle finger into the water cistern.

‘Why did you have to propose, why are you trapping me?’

The sound of water flushing brought me back to life as I realised the TRUTH. I screamed in total terror, my hands in the toilet bowl swimming, looking for my love, looking for what made me ...SANE!

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  1. Nice I like the visual.. The feeling.. The connection..the truth... Love it