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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Live for something!

Life sometimes plans ahead the things we have in mind but haven’t had the heart to achieve. The “Secrets” put in place the value of the inner being in us. The strength, the faith, the believe: haven’t you noticed that when u strongly believe u would get something, u almost always get it?
The mind is a strong part of who we are, the inner us. To know this, to control it would bring wealth and happiness. Negative thoughts aren’t good for health or wealth. Knowing ur strength within is as important as knowing ur name; ur life counts on every aspect of u.
Knowing what u are capable of paves a part for u to realize what u can and cannot do hence, you have to carve out what u want to achieve. This would determine how u would live ur life, the path u’ll take and the things u would achieve.
If ur heart and mind works in a direction u choose but ur visual action takes a route someone else tells u to, it always works out wrong for u - this someone else might be culture, parents, society, friends even lovers. They think they know what’s best for u and lead u or urge u in a path ur heart and mind is against. Until u face the truth within, happiness would forever elude u but yes, u’ll please them and they’ll die happy and u…would live in misery.
Total happiness comes from telling urself what u want and living it. Sit and think for a while without disturbance and ask urself WHAT MAKES U HAPPY? 3days in a week is enough for self realization. Calculating ur path, for nothing is worth ur happiness cos in the end, it’s all u’ll live for.
Have u ever thought of judgment day? If it’s real, how would u feel when u are cast to hell for so many things u did just to please others? Believe me, it’s worth eternal damnation when u do it for u: live for yourself.
Believe in urself, work on ur happiness and do all that will make u happy for in the end, nothing matters. We live with little knowledge of why we are really on earth. Yes, religion has given us so many reasons, but deep down, they really can’t answer the question - why are we on earth? So for all it’s worth, do what u want but while u at it, be in harmony with the people around u for mother nature respects every individual and expects u to do the same as we need each other in this faceless journey.
Respect others feelings and their belief. We each have our will hence our belief are different. In   religion, good and evil have been defined in the exact terms. It tells one thing, there really is GOOD and EVIL. Don’t force anyone to live ur belief and don’t force urself to live any other persons belief. Just try to accept theirs, make them understand urs and if u both can’t live with ur difference… u can always find new friends and family who believe in what u believe in – DON’T FORCE IT.
Good – You are in harmony with others in ur pursuit of happiness
Evil – You are not in harmony with others in ur pursuit of happiness

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