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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Madness!

It all started like a dream. Moments flash before my eyes like fast race car speeding. Nothing could be so blissful, nothing could be so real. But the thought of it all brought sweetness to my lips. The hurt forgotten, the pain a past; now the time is here and here forever. I basked in total awesomeness from the goodness that showers my heart, yet like a dream, I refuse to wake for fear of realizing the truth.
Am not stupid no, just cautious and enjoying the game, the fun, the life. Don’t mistake my freeness for dumbness it’s me, I live like I wanna, always. Strolling down, I realize the thought I taught myself; enjoy all u can always. A lesson I learnt while trying to please.
If I step and fall, I alone feel the pain and where it hurts the most; Never the less, am not selfish with my joy and share it for others to experience. Blinking back memories, I search deep into the future, realizing the stake, the nail and the hammer. Have driven the nail too deep that it can’t be taken out anymore.
A ramble you might say, but I laugh for knowledge of my madness. Yes! My madness, that confuses but enlightens. A madness rare and incurable and when it affects others they hate and love. A madness I tamed to suit the abyss of the emotions I render. One you want but hate cause you can’t have. One everyone wishes for but none but me can hold.
Don’t get lost, find your way if you can in my maze. Am a rare edition, a parable on the lips of the wise. An enemy you love and a friend you cherish. Maybe a return of a void, maybe a relapse of a threat all I know, its existence isn’t new to the eras.
Have I succeeded in sinking you? Yeh! Am the best in such madness.
*teethy grin.