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Friday, October 15, 2010

Live ur life!

It’s easy to just pass through the day like nothing matters but the reality would creep up on you again tomorrow and then, I want to see u dodge that.

Life gives us dirts but the good thing is God gave us a sieve to filter out what we don’t want. Yes! Our will is paramount to our existence and happiness that’s why I don’t believe in what others call good and evil. I have my will and I would use it judiciously and one way ama do that, is by creating my OWN good and evil.
My views are:
  • ·         Do unto others what you want them to do unto you.
  • ·         Have fun so far it don’t hurt no one in the process.
  • ·         Do want you want and not what others want you to do
  • ·         Bend very low to kiss ass so that when you make it, you’ll remember the back ache and make sure you don’t have to bend that low again
  • ·         Be humble when dealing with a powerful enemy; learn his tricks and strike when he least expects.
  • ·         If he is still more powerful, never let him know the strike was from you, just enjoy it in ur privacy
  • ·         Not all revenge should be left for GOD. There are some u just gats to pay on ur own.
  • ·         Revenge is sweet when served very cold so be very prepared to deal with the consequence
  • ·         Make sure your revenge is 100% worth it so that u won’t feel the consequence when it comes cos it surely will.
  • ·         Think well before carrying out a revenge; don’t do what u’ll regret
  • ·         Be kind to everyone even when they are not kind to you cos one day, they’ll need u and then their guilt would hunt them.(sweet punishment)
  • ·         If others u call dear don’t do you good, find new peeps cos they don’t care abt u
  • ·         If u have a view peeps tink not good, trust me it’s a good view n they are jealous u thot of it first
  • ·         Don’t do what everyone else is doing except it makes u happy too
  • ·         Believe me, you’ll die alone cos u were born alone so do WHAT U WANT!
  • ·         Live like you might die tomorrow cos in truth, u might die tomorrow
  • ·         Don’t wait till u get old to wish you did what u shld have as a youth
  • ·         Believe me, age is just a number, fun, education and happiness don’t care abt how old u are
  • ·         Its never to late to start again so just start all over if u wanna
  • ·         BE YOU! So dat if judgment is real, u would be able to defend urself properly
  • Love always don't live on past hurt cos happiness is fullest when u inlove.

With all that said, follow the 2major commandments from our Christ; love others as you love yourself and love GOD above everything else.
*PS: live like you wanna!

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