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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If u could, would you run with it?

Yes! we have different talents in us that we'd love to showcase to the world yet, the economical situation in Nigeria forbids us this simple necessity to excel in a field we would love to explore.
The difficulty of finding the funds or the source needed to improve on the dream; Greed and sentiments steals our shine and we die with the talent we are given to share. Abroad, we see, read or view how avenues are created for the youths to make use of their talents. We hold in our heart that which would make us happy but we can't unleash it for fear of the known - funds, environment, criticism ETC.
The Enigma is born to help us try to achieve, if only for once, that dream we so long to share and birth into the world.
Join us and let's make this a reality as we have fun, painting a new song in the sky.

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