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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I slept days with nightmares
Gracing my pillows
Kissing my lips
I wonder if I hurt the world
With stings so painful
If a time I came
To quench waters so tasteful
If rebels await
My horse of horrors
If I were a king
The land hated with fear filled eyes
This time I awake
With no sweat on my head
With no chest to cry on
A smile on my face
For I know the next to take
Paths I always thread
With a will stronger than any
A curse none wish for
But one I see as a blessing
May be I was bold
As the wolves n their pack
May be I was dreaded
Like the lions in their steed
One thing I know
Then I was at peace
With the inner me
And none could please or hurt
Then I had a heart
Filled in a cooler with ice
Then I knew
That a pace I had kept
One non could catch up with
Its short I know
But I woke up just too soon
And long I would be awake
To sleep no more

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