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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unleash your passion!

In Nigeria, we dream big as kids especially after watching a creative stunt on tv. Be it a movie, song or game. Then we grow up and life in 9ja forces us to pursue other dreams but we keep dreaming in our quiet moments about our inner talent, how we would love to unleash it and let the millions roll in as we see on TV yet, the fear of the unknown keeps our talent buried inside. And we sometimes grow old and die wondering if we had the chance to unleash our talent how would life have been for us.

I grew up dreaming of being a world class choreographer and singer, with age, the singing died but the dancing didn't and i majored in it. Coming out to this cruel world made me realize "dance no go put food always for my table". so i jumped into another passion"writing". till i nurse that passion inside.

I know alot of us have such hidden desires; talents we want to show the world we are good at and can be better at. Let's do this people, lets share our passion, our fears and our dreams in my group called ENIGMA on facebook. Let's see how we can come together and birth our desires. Let's take that leap of faith, be adventurous and try, try and see if we can live our hearts desires and make it work. So we can grow old with a smile on our face.

Join me in the group "Enigma" on facebook group.

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