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Friday, November 5, 2010


In this strange ship called life, many shores have been abducted and cities invaded. Loots spoiled and humans raped; off sensuality and sensibility. In it, I sail like a lone ranger, with my one eye patch searching for the right turn. While at it, I conquer and rape. Gaining more strength and skills to take me to the end of the ocean, an end I can only envisage would speak of my tribulation and successes.  No! My one eye isn’t a default, it was acquired in war; the war of confidence. It was plucked out by sincerity and trust. I believed in them so much and ran into a trap they set for me. Yes! I wear the patch as a reminder that I’m a lone ranger.

Like a pirate, my love for red and black makes a good camouflage against the earth. Blue gives me warmth that the sun refuses to give. Now,  I stand tall with my sword always ready for battle and the funny thing? No one dares to fight me. Yes! They try to come close, but I give them the sneer that says ‘am a lion and a koala’ lovable and dangerous. I’m the tides on the ocean, wicked and deadly and then like the sea, calm and inviting. The mystery a good one, for it keeps you at arm’s length, aware of my dagger and my softness – aware of my poison and my gift. You can’t help to love me and hate me all at the same time.

I’m the Enigma, the search for the mystic, the unknown but known, the difference with no certainty, the bridge with no stairway. I am the hide and the exposure, the sun and the moon. Killing and making. As gentle as a rabbit and as fierce as a tiger; Yes! I am fun and danger. Flow with care and reach the banks of knowledge, love with sincerity and fight with no fear. Then you’ll understand the mystery behind me!

Enigma… the beginning of where it ends!

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