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Monday, October 21, 2013

Death: Our destination

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to die?

People hate to use that word or think about it when unfortunately or fortunately, it is inevitable. I do not see death as bad; just like life, I see it as one more thing we have to do to complete the ‘why we are on earth’ (now that’s gist for another day). Death like life is one of the stages unfortunately, one starts it and the other ends it (maybe cause if there is life after death, then it starts another phase).
It’s called temporary sleep meaning it is not bad at all cause sleep makes us rest, makes us forget the worries of the world and starts a ‘new beginning’ which most times is better. My only worry about death that makes it painful sometimes is when a young life is taken. It hurts me especially when I know that person did not even have a chance at happiness or goodness on earth. Why? Keeps coming up especially if he/she died a painful death; I believe so much in the teachings of the bible and at most times, I wonder if it’s an atonement of the sins of the parents.  
My younger brother died a painful death, I mourned for months cause I could not comprehend why he had to die so painful. I wondered, what his mum did or what did my dad do that he had to suffer so much before his death as atonement for their sin(s). I read about a 12years old girl (long time ago) that died of cancer. It touched me deeply- WHY. Premature death is painful, painful especially when the young had so much to give, to live for and was so lively. Yet, death is inevitable and I think of my own end.
Will I have the chance to know I am dying? Will I be given the chance to love and forgive and be forgiven before I die? Death can be tricky but I want to be more tricky that it.
When an elderly person dies, I feel nothing. One, they had lived, they had enjoyed they had the chance to change, to build, to commit so now, they can GO. Death is not bad when we accept that is the reason why we live. If you enjoy life, you should enjoy death cause the two go hand in hand. Funny, they say people write about their death. I am not writing about mine. I am just saying since we all know that it is coming and we do not know when, we should learn to appreciate life and death and do what is right so that when we are gone, we know we ACHIEVED our purpose in life (story for another day).
I have wondered about life after, I do not understand why we can not figure what is on the other side. I have had dreams of death, saw my dead family/friend in dreams, talked to them but it still did not give me a glimpse of what death is about. If it is a permanent sleep, then it’s peaceful and unknowing cause most dreams, you do not know is a dream until you wake up –that means, I might never know if I am dead. Maybe this is the life after, who knows. I have always felt I lived before now. Knew what and who I was, I can feel what I did and why I am back so yes, I believe in reincarnation. You just know, I have lived before do not ask me if I am clairvoyant.
Now, appreciate death, live to die, do what is right by you and by the good of all. Let’s make our death count when we leave.
(Dedicated to Kennedy (I will always miss you), Jibu, Blessing, Lola, Ogo, Tosin, my dad, Ona’s dad: May their soul’s rest in perfect peace. Amen) 


  1. This is insightful and more so, inspiring Sue...
    What a great way to tone down on a fear I'm yet to conquer. It's comforting to feel that we're prolly already "permanently asleep" and living a life-long dream.

    May God help us live that purpose driven life we seek.

    Thanks again Sue!