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Monday, October 7, 2013

Who are you?

We breeze through life expecting something new

Our wants change whether achieved or not

Sometimes, we work hard at achieving a goal that it blinds us to the fact that we have already achieved it. Other times, we get lost in that goal not seeing the true fact that it is not for us and time to pursue another goal.

The beauty of the world is that it is a make believe shift that you can create what you want – making yourself happy or sad at any event.

The word ‘self’ has just being defined as ‘you’ but we fail to realize the impact ‘self’ has on ‘us’. When you understand your ‘self’ you tend to grow that ‘self’ and nothing limits you.

No man is an island, true, but don’t make that other wo/man be the definition of your happiness for they will also bring along sadness as wo/man knows only thyself and not the other and aims to please their ‘self’.

To believe in one's self is paramount as only you can grow your outer being from your inner being. To believe in your self is to build you mentally, shield you emotionally and exploit you physically. Do not let another's do these 3 things for you.

When you grow your mental state with happenings around you from the social, educational and religious happenings, you grow to know what you want, what you like and who you want to be. You sharpen yourself and exploit all your physical ability and know how to manage your emotions.

Life is easy when you know thy ‘self’.

Make this a point of duty to start to reflect on you, build you and EXPLOIT YOU. Only then will you start to appreciate and understand life, taking yourself to that point you want to be. Nothing is impossible, there is always a way round it.


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