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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 10

In the mist of peace comes the heaviest of storms.

It was the season that brought more joy to our hearts. Ikram and I had so much fun in the months that followed. He often visited me at home, in my office (Yeah got a job) everywhere I went, he came if I wanted him there. He was my lover, my driver, my friend. We couldn't get enough of each other and friends started murmuring, calling us “best couple”. Even sometimes, they talked about our kids; yeah, we also talked about marriage and kiddies too, lol. It seemed like ….the odds were nowhere to be found. Until that night; after eating our favorite bbq chicken washed down with ice-cold vodka, naked in bed, he pinched my nipples as I giggled. Suddenly, he turned to look me deep in the eye and smiled. But despite the smile, I could feel a hidden hurt, I wasn't mistaken, there was pain in those eyes.
'What's wrong?' I asked
'Nothing' he responded.
He got up from the bed, sheets crumbling to the floor trailing him as he walked naked to the bathroom. I continued nibbling on my chicken thigh. After a few seconds, he walked back into the room and sat on the floor, watching me with that smile again. I looked at him, dropped the bone and crawled to him. Moving his lips against mine, I slowly traced them with my tongue then pushed the tongue between his lips even as he sucked it. Then I went for the kill, pushed my lips closer as he tried to grab them with his but I keep resisting, drawing my lips back as he tries again. He loved it when I teased kissed him like this. He pulled me closer with his left hand and sucked hungrily on my lips, I playfully bit his lower lips and started to laugh
'awww, you bit me, you’re going to pay for it'
I laughed out loud as he stood up, carried me up and took me to the living room. He set me on the sofa and started to kiss me again. I pushed him away as he fell playfully to the ground and got up. I held out my hands and he caught them. I pulled him to his push-up gym set.
'I want to do it here'
I said, stepping into my heels. He licked his lips and laid down on the gym set. His willy erect and looking straight up at me, hungrily. I climbed on it, gently guiding it into me as a soft moan escaped my lips. His hands crawled up and cupped my boobs as we looked into each other's eyes. I rode softly, gently. I could feel him pulsate inside me as he left my boobs and grabbed the bars, his face starting to tighten
'Not so fast mister'
I said, standing up, making him slide helplessly out of me. He got up suddenly and dragged me back by the waist as I giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. I’m back on the saddle, riding my very own cowboy. His left hand darts up to grab me by the neck firmly, a bit too tightly. I start to choke as his face tightens, he screamed out loud with pleasure as I grab his hands trying to stop him for grabbing my neck too tight. Suddenly, he wrapped his arms round my waist, hugging me desperately as he exploded inside of me. I patted his head, tongue-kissing his neck as he buried his face between my boobs.
'That was the fastest you've ever cum'
We both laughed.
'I want this, I don't want it to stop'
'It won't stop'
 I said, not bothering to understand what he meant. He kissed me softly on the lips as I slowly get off him. He shivers and squeezes his face as I slowly let him slide out of me. I rushed to the bathroom. As I step back out, I see him guarding the door, smiling sheepishly. The sadness had disappeared. He planted a kiss on my lips.
'You know I am going back home tonight don't you?'
'Stay a week, come stay a week and let's fuck all night long'
I laughed and looked at him. Surprised at his offer.
'Na, you know I can't'
I said, starting to dress up. He smiled and walked towards his clothes to dress up. At that instance, I felt bad and wished my response had been positive but I had to go home.
Five minutes later, we were on our way back to mine. As he drove, I studied his features, lips, eyes; yes his eyes. Loved them. Even without being told, I could read his heart from his eyes and knew how much he cared for me, felt for me and how hiding his feelings hurt him so much. I reached for his zipper and start to unbuckle his belt.
'What are you doing?'
'Shhh. Drive'
Was my reply. He laughed and adjusted on his seat as I unbuckled the belt and zipped down. I reached for his willy and burst out laughing
'You are already hard'
We both laugh as I gently brought his willy out and bent down to kiss it, sucking softly. I could feel the car sway
'Concentrate, don't kill us o'
We both laugh as he moaned out in pleasure. I could feel him throb, but before I could slow him down, I felt him release in my mouth as I sucked hungrily on the warm fluid. He screamed out in pleasure as his leg pressed hard on the tootle, I kept sucking hungrily. He parked abruptly and dragged me up, kissing me, sucking the cum from my lips. His hand reach under my blouse and squeezed hard at my boobs, I moaned loudly from pleasure and pain. Faster than I thought possible, my seat folded backwards, making me lie on my back as he whisked off my top. I hurriedly took of my pants and in fractions of a second; he was on top of me.
'Slide to the back'
I obeyed without complain as he followed me to the back seat. I laid across it as he climbed on me again, without any notice, he shove himself deep and hard into me. I screamed again in pleasure, cupping his butt with my arms, helping him pump fast into me, pushing hard as my legs hug over his back, his head bent down towards my boobs as he tongue flicked over my nipples. A delicious shriek escaped both our lips as we climaxed together, shuddering to the rhythm of the humming car engine.
A week or so later, we were laughing, recalling the event after a round of paint balling. Yea, we sort of spent every Christmas weekend either paint balling or go-karting. It was a fun holiday and my happiest.

'I need to pee and change out of this kit'
He nodded in agreement and escorted me behind the paint balling arena where there was an uncompleted building. As I finished peeing, he pulled me against himself and bent me down to a kneel, then he shoved himself towards my mouth.
'stop we are in public, it's too bright someone might see us'
Na, don't think about it remember?'
I laughed and succumbed. Suddenly, he pulled me up, dragged my jeans further down my legs and turned me around, bending me over to touch my toes. He rammed into me so hard that the pleasure blinded me to the world. He held my waist hard into himself as he came
'you owe me big'
I said as we laughed and dressed up.


  1. You sure made me wana get in the sack with you...pretty soon. You know who��