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Friday, April 10, 2015

Legs Wide Closed 9

It's easy to act like if nothing happened but inside you, it eats at you and kills you and then...nothing really matters. Ikram and I became close all of a sudden. We went everywhere together even on Valentine's day; at christmas, we had a two weeks plan and had fun together, it was electrifying. It was like he was trying to prove to me that the molato (mullato?) was not important to him anymore and she was lost like the months that went by. I wish I could believe him completely cautious side had the best of me. I started to feel only the moments; the moments when we were together and tried not to think of him when we are not. Then another round of events happened. You can't cheat nature, she rears her ugly head when you least expect to remind you that she is still there.

I got tickets to this really cool standup comedy event and convinced him to come with me. When we got there, we had to walk all the way from the parking lot to the hall and that's when the first hurricane struck.

 'Hiya Ikram, fancy meeting you here. ‘Thought you didn't do shows’! 

I turned to see this pretty plastic chic - she looked all faked up from the lashes to the nails to the heavy make up but yeah, she was still pretty - I turned back to look at Ikram; he had this sheepish mysterious smile on his face. It was obvious she was more than a friend cause she gave me this look and then wiggled back into the car she’d popped her head from. Ikram let out a loud guffaw, throwing his head backwards. This time I was four feet away from him, walking fast and not giving a damn about the drama that had just unfolded behind. I spied a cosy seat and sat down, he, next to me, still smiling sheepishly. I looked at him with a stern face and he went 

‘she is just a friend, my colleagues hooked us up and she felt we would date but there was nothing'. 

I gave him the hand, looked at the time and wondered when the event will kick off. Then I heard a power bike and a smile grew on my face. Ikram knew I loved bikes and the men who rode them so, his countenance changed. 

'You wished you were riding him?' 

I gave him the 'what the f**k' look and turned away. He still had his sheepish smile on. I usually loved that mysterious smile, it was full of mischief most times but this time, it was filled with secrets and I hated secrets. ‘Riiiing’, his phone vibrated between us. "He smiled into his phone as he picked it up, listened for a while and started searching for someone 

'Really? How come I didn't see you? Ok will do.’ 

He dropped the phone on the table as his smile deepened. I looked at him with a straight face. 

'Look Jev, I don't know what's happening t but you might not like it. There is another lady inside and she is going to walk up to me to say hi. Trust me, I am not dating her; was thinking about it but we never got round to it'. 

‘What!’ My eyes went wild. 'You not dating her but you were thinking about it while I’m still in your life and you didn't tell me' I said to myself still staring accusingly at him. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and all I could say was 'Ikram, when did we start keeping secrets from each other'? A tear welled up in my eye and I got up immediately. Didn't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me cry so I started walking away but he followed. 

'Where are you going, the show is about to start' 

I just kept walking. 

'Com’on Jev, they are just friends nothing more' 

I stopped and spat…

'nothing more and yet you didn't tell me? I had to walk into this show to know you had TWO ladies part from me' 

I got so pissed again and quickly wiped off the tear as it rolled down and  continued walking briskly away. He kept following. 

'Where are you going?' 

'Home, I want to give you space so you don't have to explain me to your soon to be girlfriends'. 

He kept quiet all the way till I stopped a cab. 

'Let me drop you at home at least' 

'no, no Ikram, I think its best we should just call it quits. This won't work. Let's just stop now cause i'm starting to have feelings for you, we’ve tried; I don’t do games for this long' 

I felt the tears choke my voice but I kept a straight face. 

'Why are you doing this Jev, why are you trying to end this, I am not dating them for Pete sake'. 

I spoke with the cab driver and stepped in. Closed the door and didn't look at him but the tears started dropping fast as the cab drove away.
It's funny how you feel you are ok with a game until you get caught in it. I guess cuz usually, I play for a brief period but this had passed the limit so it really was time to call it quits. 

As I sipped coffee playing with my laptop the next morning, celebrating my new writing job, I didn't notice the name on my phone as it rang, happily I voiced

'Hello - oh!' 

'Hi, please can you come to your door?' 

it was Ikram. I was shocked, I looked at the time it was just 22minutes past 5am. My parents had traveled and I had planned to spend the night at his but my anger made me leave him earlier last night. It was very unusual for him to come early on a Sunday morning cause he had a routin that usually kept him till 11am, a routin he never interrupted except need be. He looked so angry when I opened the door, or was it sad? He stepped in and walked straight to the sofa and sat down. I stood, looking at him, I must admit, I was surprised. I thought he would take the bait and just leave me alone. It was obvious we weren't going anywhere, the sex was good...oh the sex was good. 

'I know you are angry about how I left you last night Ikram but for real, I think it's best we stopped seeing each other. I am starting to have feelings for you and I can't control it anymore especially when we know we really can't be together like that'. 

He kept mute and I walked to him, knelt in front of him, my hands on this thighs, I looked into his eyes. 

'Can’t you see its best we call it quits now before it will be too hard and painful? You already told me your mum won't let you marry a Nigerian so what's the use of all this?' 

he looked me in the eyes, obviously worried 

'we can't tell what will be Jev, why end this beautiful thing we have? We are so good together, we make each other happy, let's leave it to die naturally than force it' 

I missed him, I just wanted to kiss his lips as he spoke, we had a magical chemistry that always drew us to each other and even I could not lie about it. He did make me happy, made me forget. I kissed him. He grabbed me closer to himself and kissed me like his life depended on it. I kissed him back as I stood to sit on his legs, spreading my thighs and pushing my pelvis closer to his body, wanting him inside of me. I held him tight in a hug, kissing him. He did same, dragging my head back while pulling my hair and kissing my neck.

 'you belong to me Jev, don't forget that' 

I felt joy and at the same time fear.
He left a few minutes after we had a little talk about 'us'. We had the heart to heart talk again but this time with specifics. I felt better somehow and he looked happy when he left. It was like we really wanted each other so bad but scared we were not right for each other. Society, religion and nationality sure do play a part in relationships. It ties us into a world of sadness as we may not have what we really want and even when we want to fight the urge...we really don't fight the urge. We just accept the trap and live a miserable life.

Later that night I was at Ikrams. I had a fetish I wanted to live out. We had the usual wild sex but my mind was set for 1am. As I watched a movie in his bedroom, naked as usual cause he likes the nude like me. He jumped on me and started to kiss me. I giggled 'stop you are obstructing my movie' he grinned and continued, going down to my nipple as I heaved a sigh. 


my voice trailed off, my hands massaging the back of his head as he nibbled on my nipple, my pelvis wiggling, pressing hard against his. He kissed my tummy, then my navel, going down, as my breath grew heavier. He lifted my things up and buried his head between them as my lips released a tortured moan. He kissed round my clit, then he slid his tongue in me and tongue-fucked me, I felt my body tingle all over as my arms squeezed the bedspread; my eyes wide open as my moans grow louder. His finger found a way inside as his tongue continue to play with my clit, I could feel my brain explode but the cum refused to flow. I dragged him up and helped him inside of me as I screamed again from the pleasure, I just couldn't take it so I held his pelvis, pressed him down inside me for a few seconds; I was scared I could die from pleasure if he pumped. He gently released his waist from my grip and pumped slowly, I kept screaming with pleasure as he bent over to lick my nipple; I screamed my lungs out and the cum exploded from my body. I never screamed that loud before, at that moment I knew I was trapped, trapped in his chemistry for life. He continued pumping, increasing the tempo as I screamed, then he started to scream too, thrusting his pelvis into me and stretching longer and harder, I hugged him tight as he came. I knew he was through as the stretch became weaker and weaker, suddenly, He fell on top of me and we laughed. We laughed so loud and started to kiss again. I ran from his arms into the convenience to take a cold shower cause I felt sour, he walked in and joined me as we kissed and gave each other a bath.

Hours later we were watching a movie when I noticed it was time, I smiled and dragged him 

'where are we going to at this time?' 

'just follow me and don't argue, don't think about it and don't refuse' 

he smiled. He loved it when I took control. I walked him into the living room and unlocked the doors leading outside 

'what are you doing'?

 he asked excited 

'we are fucking outside under the rain' 

he laughed as I dragged him out, found a sitting place and pushed him on it. 


he complained 

'don't think about it' 

I reminded and went down on him, taking his willy into my mouth while my arms rubbed his legs, ridding him of the insects, he moaned and start to massage my head, assisting my rhythm as I swallowed him whole, deep throating. 


he wispered as I drew out, tracing his veins with my tongue and sucking the cap of his willy anytime I get to it. He loved that, I knew cause his breathing became heavier and his arms pushed my head faster on his willy. I took one of his arms and placed it on my right boob. He massaged it and at intervals, used his fingers to play with the nipple. He grew harder in my mouth as I pumped faster, I could feel his veins swell and the rush; at that moment I stopped, stood up and helped him inside of me. He held me, placing his arms on my waist, guiding me to sit well on him. I started to hump, slowly, slowly then I jerked front and back then wiggled around, I repeated the ryhthm for a while then start to hump again, my legs touching the ground, helping me with my pace. As I felt him close to cuming, I got off him and turned, giving him my back, then sat on him again, this time he held me close with his palms cupping my boobs. I pumped again but faster, then jerked with my back in an arch, acting as if I was going to rip his willy off, he screamed in pleasure as the rain swallowed his voice, he bit the back of my neck and kissed it. Then I started to make a 180 turn. I took my right leg and brought it between his, still pumping, my left hand on his chest, playing with his lil chest hairs. Then I leaned forward, resting both palms on his left leg and pumped some more as he slapped my ass. Suddenly, I threw my right leg over his left, now my legs were closed, touching each other, trapping his willy inside, resting my palms on my thighs, I start to pump fast again, then wiggling round with just my pelvis in a moderate pace as he rubbed my back. The rain, making us cold even while the pleasure heated up. Suddenly, I threw my left leg across his pelvis, back to sitting and facing him, then I drew his head closer to my boobs. He got the message and cupped the two of them, sucking both nipples at once as I screamed in pleasure, jerking faster and at intervals, I pressed my pelvis closer to his as if I wanted to swallow him willy, waist and all. He started to scream first as I felt his cum hit my walls and I also exploded with an inhuman moan, cumming with him. He used his palm to cover my mouth as I bit into it, trying to reduce the scream while his other arm held my waist thigh, closer to him as he jerked hard, Stretching as he did. He fell back to rest on the wall (chair?) as I fell on him, resting on his chest. 

'I am sure you woke my neighbors' 

I laughed. He led me into the apartment, locked up, still holding my arms so I didn't leave him, then continued, leading us back into the bedroom, holding me close to him on the bed as we slept off.


  1. This is Camasutra

  2. Okayyyy...enough with all these lies. We are not babies here. This is a fake story; something like a mills & booms kinda thing.

    First if all, you will never pay for a Taxi to take you home. Naija girls don't do that. They will rather want the guy they are angry with to pay still. And no girl gets angry and cries cos her guy greets 2 girls. Naija girl will rather die there and fight for her place.
    2. So you are dating one of the Indian guys we saw on facebook at the "door of no return"!
    3. Ikram! Indian dude?!!!
    Sorry dear, Indians can't and don't fuck like that! Those sex descriptions you painted there were of black animalistic virile people like Nnamudi, Lanre or Ofor! Not Vikram, not Amtabh and never can be Ikram!
    4. ..."He did the same, dragging my head back while pulling my hair and kissing my neck"...yeah yeah put money for neck?!!! Why would an Indian kiss your neck?!!!
    5. The use of the word "Pelvis" is suspect!
    6. It just rained here in Lagos when did all this William Shakespeares - 'Romeo & Suzziette' happen?!
    And in conclusion...
    Naija girls don't MOAN, they SCREAM! (You should know the difference. You are a sexy copywriter! )

    1. lol u shouldnt generalize ok, all nigerian girls are not d same besides, i bet the man involved will be laughing his ass out cos of ur comment by d way, the xters r fictitious u don't expect me to tell the true characters do you? except d female of course lol