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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Legs Wide Closed - Epilogue

Life's worth
Life's draught
Life brings u so much twist
Seeker of one
Weaker than none
Bringer of everything other than wroth
Love conquers
Love wanders
Love cruelty knows no borders
Life can love
Love can live
None can grasp its every mystery

The day started out bright, the roads were free and I got to work in time. I had being working for barely 4months and I am loving it. The freedom it gives, the peace of mind; knowing you can buy what you want, go where you want, cause you are working for your money. I had a good relationship with my colleagues and we were chatting when the phone rang.

Jev what’s up with you and Ikram?
Hi Babe, (I laughed) nothing, we had a fight but we are good. Why?
I am sending you a picture right now and there is a lot from where that came from

The line went dead and I waited pensively. My heart started to beat fast. I could not understand the call then a ping entered. I saw the picture. It was startling; I couldn’t phantom what was going on. The thoughts in my head transformed into their very being, demons. A thousand thoughts ran around, juggling stories, creating damnation, breathing fire. The phone rings

‘Babe, saw it. I don’t know what it’s about but it’s all good.’

I tried to keep face cause I knew I didn’t, couldn’t, I… I wanted space, space to digest what I just saw and make sense of it but oh, it was not done, the game was not done with fucking my senses out. It needed to deal the maddest blow to my lower tummy; the mother of all pains was what its intensions were and I had to feel it, today and no other day. It needed to kill me, oh yes; it was not done with me

‘It’s not all good girl cause what I am about to tell you is even worse. Just go somewhere we can talk’

I walked downstairs and out of the office into the street, I wasn’t sure why I did it but I knew this wasn’t going to go down well with me and I didn’t need the preying eyes of my colleagues and I knew I won’t want to answer any questions either. The phone rang again and what she told me was the shocker of my life.

My head suddenly became swollen and my breathing seized. Memories juggled in mind like a legion, hunting my vision. Yes! It has to be a demon, no not a, many demons. Cause nothing can hunt you at that speed and change your life forever. I wished the ground could open and swallow me in and just close up so the world could be rid of my foolishness. I could hear the demons laugh at me all at once making my blood rush fast to my head. It had to be the demon called legion, I called its name but it didn’t answer just laughed. Name calling wasn’t going to work this time cause I was ‘it’.
I took a step forward. Tongue tied, my world opened in front of me but I could see nothing. His words started racing through my head, his soft tender assuring voice, his kisses that told me stories of how he cared for me, wanted me, his curved willy that I could never get enough of, that gave me so much pleasure and made me feel like the best lady in the world.  My mind was a whirl wind of emotions and nothing I could do to stop it. Suddenly, I felt a lump in my throat, I started to grasp for breath. Her voice trailed till I could hear her no more. It was too fast, too much to hear all at once and from someone seated between a stranger and a friend, not even some one that knew us well, someone close to me, not even HIM!

The tears started to fall like a water fall. I couldn’t wail and I wanted to. I couldn’t lift a finger and I wanted to punch a wall. I cut the call and stood, looking at nothing, finding nothing. My thoughts could only see the word ‘betrayal’. How could one love so much, trust so much and be melted out with such. Nothing could explain it no, especially when the betrayal was meted from the back when you were not watching.

I was being fucked by the very game I loved to play. It man handled me and taught me why you don’t fall in love with a game. Follow the lead; the instructions are always in your face. The signs are always there so you do not underestimate it cause not all players are willing to follow their heart when the game changes and emotions come in. I was face fucked by the very game I loved so well, it spilled cum of betrayer all over my face and laughed at me. Rubbed my cum face in mud and stuck my head out so the world could see.


It said.

A game is a game, never try to understand it, never overestimate it and never try to make it real. Just enjoy it and move on’.

On, I moved.

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