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Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Fine Day

Its was a friday like any other. i lazed around in bed; no plans- immediate or later.  my phone rings, i was in the bathroom, it rings again; its SG.  Surprise, surprise!  He wanted me to go shopping for home appliances with him. hmmm he must have landed some wad, just didn't know how much. The previous week, i had picked out a flat for him. anyway, i had my bath in hurry and flag down the first okada i saw. at least, any which way, SG go dash me 5k, which is much needed. 
okada! Maryland!  we agreed after much haggling. in no time, i met SG in front of the store and we began shopping. 
we walked out almost 3 hours later with appliance worth almost 400k. ehhh he had to dash me 10k, i said in my mind. next we went grocery shopping and then to the market: goat meat, chicken, vegetable and gbogbo every.  In no unspoken terms, i had to cook all this trailer load of food for some hungry boys.  i changed the figure to 15k again. i mean, i can't do all this work and not pocket at the very least 10k. na only me by myself dey to do the negotiation for my mind. i made vegetables soup, chicken stew, boiled rice and made amala, by the time i was done, i was puffing and panting. the boys were very happy. SG wanted us to go see a tailor, to choose designs for his natives. i was like- guy  hope you go dash something for my wahala aha. i use eye size the money bag, it still looked heavy. i smiled wryly. just then my phone rings: it's Ba'kabby. He wants us to hang out tonight. i was dead tired, but Ba'kabby when in his element, is fantastic company. i knew he was hanging with some constructive pips, and wanted someone decent he could show off, if not his ashanas were always on stand by. My ensemble of jeans and tops was stained, i told him. Ba'kabby promised we'd stop over a boutique for a change of clothes. I was elated.  i told SG, i had to leave, after much harassing and persuading, he let me go and dashed me 10k, i still took 2k for cab. with Ba'kabby, okada was not an option.
SG drops me off at the taxi park, but not without letting me know, how much he likes me and how tired he is of this platonic business. "i go dey think am" i said, with that i boarded the cab: Opebi. i had to meet Ba'Kabby at the boutique. maybe he would throw in some shoes, as i looked at my pumps. 
wow, 10k in my pocket, and a new outfit on the way and a promising night of fine dining and rich conversation; this  day turned out real good after all, but mehnn i tire no be small. still i gate to go. i managed catch small sleep in the cab (this was back when dozing in cab was a safe thing to do)
But that is not the koko of this gist, because something  did happen that night, that eventually changed my entire life. but that is for another day,  Nepa/Phcn just brought light, and i need to throw laundry in the washer and iron my girls' uniform.

By Biodun Stephen Oladigbo (check her out on Facebook)

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