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Monday, April 14, 2014

One Fine Day6

True to Fish's word, he came back a week later. he did buy all CuzT listed and again she drove me to him.  it wasn't my happiest day for me, as i had just flunked a test. This PGD program no easy at all but the hardest part is footing the bill, of which i needed to pay the last instalment, else no exam. after graduating and waiting 10months no job, i say make i go do Post Grad, maybe that will give me more advantage in the job market.  however with all the  house rent, feeding, and school bills to settle; to concentrate read sef, na long tin.  Fish had noticed i wasn't in the best of moods when we arrived. he queried me and CuzT quickly came to the rescue, narrating my predicament.  Fish went in and bam, just like that, handed me the balance of my fees plus a very healthy something on top. Whaat!!!! i love you God and i do believe in miracles; still i wasn't gonna give up the goods just because he gave me money.  Ada, my friend from school had once spoken these wise of words of wisdom:"never give up the goods just cos of the money. if he likes the sex, the pay is steady, if he doesn't, that is the end of the cash flow. so if you know say your spacing skill is below avrerage, keep your legs close, play hard to get. the more he chases, the more he gives". So far, it had worked for me. i was ready to quietly milk Fish for my needs and casually flirt for as long as i can. Besides, i think the only reason he is this nice is because he wants to get into my pants.  As CuzT and i drove home, she wondered why i was so casual about the money Fish gave me, especially, knowing how much of a lifeline it was. So i shared with her, another one of Ada's famous tips: "never be overjoyed when a man, especially a rich one gives you money, wey big pass you; simply because, if he can't afford it, he won't give you. so don't feel special with yourself". hmmm, CuzT nodded her head in agreement. Sharperly i gave CuzT 3months rent in backlog and advance her 2months rents, whilst adding to the generous thanks-for-coming Fish already gave her. i was able to string Fish for a while, until one day when e hook my throat. hmmm dis life eh… make i nack you the gist.
 As a jobless pelzon and an aspiring actress, na so i go one audition. na for there i jam an old school mate. we were not really friends, but we knew each other. how can you even miss Boogie, with her very amazing backside, that will stop you dead in your tracks. truly, the girl's hips no dey lie. i jam am for dia and we got talking. the audition ran into late evening and she couldn't go back to home so i offered to take her home with me. the next day, i had to see Fish and CuztT my usual escort no dey, so i asked her to tag along. good thing i did or…
Fish had smiled hungrily as his eyes swept all over  Boogie's behind. i introduced them and busied myself in the kitchen hoping find something to eat. i swear i was only in there for 10minutes microwaving lasagna, when i came out to find Fish tweaking Boogie's nipple, as his hand were under her shirt and hers in his pant. Mo Gbe!!! wetin be dis?  i went back into the kitchen quietly and returned a few minutes to make a noisy entrance, i still caught them struggling to disentangle from each other.  Fish called me into his study, and he told me quiet frankly that since i wasn't playing ball, he might as well, get a piece of whatever he can get. shocking!!!! well, no wahala. i smiled saying nothing.  he gave triple the amount i wanted and in return, i left Boogie in his house as i boarded a cab back home, was i offended? i was angry but then what did i expect from Fish but then Boogie. i didn't know her son well. so. but e pain me aha o. 
i called Ada for advice on how to handle this matter and in two words she said: "play cool".  That i did after all i still needed Fish's money to pay for my online Masters program which  was due to begin in a few months. Because you see, knowing how generous the man is; i don already calculate say i fit do the masters degree wey be say  i don discuss with am already and  he don agree to help with money. If I con dey form vexation na, who go lose? Na me na! So, i swallowed my anger and played nice. On his part, Fish still called me, still sent money and gifts or anything else i asked for and in return , anytime i went visiting, i always went in the company of a girl( Ada always sent me an escort). so i made Fish happy and he sorted me. That was our relationship, going forward. (i be pimp... ehn call me what you like) it was at one the parties Fish threw which i hosted that i met X. 
CuzT and i were in charge of catering and Fish in charge of drinks. i guess X noticed this woman, who was sweating profusely from cooking and serving. when i eventually sat, he sat with me and his first words knocked the wind out of me: "so you are Fish's girl?"  Excuse you? Fish's who? i gave him a dirty look and walked away. that was the end of the conversation. i avoided him the rest of the party..
 A couple of days later, i was at my friend's studio when i got a call. it was X. He apologised, told me Fish gave him my number. Why must some men be stupid before sensible? i wonder. anyways we got talking. he asked where i was, i told him. we were still talking on the phone when he said which of the houses. whaaat? "you are here?!" i ran downstairs his car was down the street. We talked till way past midnight in his car. i looked at this very dashing man(BTW, i love good looking men), who was quite some years in age ahead of me and i found myself been drawn to him. To cut the long story short, it was only a few weeks later, i realised X and i were in a relationship and it was beautiful. unlike Fish , X wasn't generous with his money, at all, at all. In fact, he only gave half of what ever it is you need and not every time sef.  no cash or gift, but his time, his love, his attention… i had it all. those ones he gave, without battling an eyelid. if he dey middle of meeting and i call am, he is there for me. it was fresh, it was what i needed, someone to actually care. Though the money wasn't greasing the palm as frequently, i was good with what i had. We had gone on for about 6months, not defining what we have, 3 weeks earlier, when he asked that i think about moving forward in our relationship. wow if he did ask me to marry him, i will without bathing an eyelid. i liked him that much.  But there were a couple of issues which weighed heavily on mind…
 But na tomorrow gist be that, right now; i've got mummy duties..

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