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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One Fine Day8

i am walking down the very dusty and jagajaga road to my house , still in disbelief at this Vasecto-nonsense wey X jus tell me so. Question is: what is the purpose of asking me to consider moving to the next level? as in koyemi. i may not be in love with the man, but I do nurse deep feelings for him abi why else am I so pissed at the nigger? so he just wants to keep me around for nothing, to continue to service his engine when money is not even filling my pocket. I’m no gold digger, but I don't plan to suffer( suffer no dey work, e no dey pay, ask  anti Lara for the details on the matter). I was lost in this deep thought and clearly it was ruining my day, as I just displayed madness for an okada man who  took a swipe at me. Even shame catch me after the drama, as people just gather dey look as I curse the man generation.  Clearly this X issue was messing me up and I had to get myself out of the rot. So I went through my contacts; who can I go call. should I call SG? no way, I wasn't in the mood for any guy yammering love talk in my ears. Who else can I call ooo, or maybe Adede- the man is filthy and rude jo, with this mood of mine, if Adede says something offensive, slap may meet face, so make I avoid fight. Who do I call? Surely no girls, no energy for gossip. Na so I dey scroll phone book and there it was. I choose to call Josh my latest toaster. We have been trying to hookup but for different reasons, no chance. He picked at the first ring, I think to myself say, yes ooo, he’s been waiting for me to call. We sha chatted about orisirisi jargons and then he says, what are you doing now? Not much-as a jobless student cum wanna be actress. 
"Come over",
“hmmm tempting" I say. 
 "I’m a gentleman" he says. Make I go jare.
Sharply, I rush go house, change my cloth and flew okada halfway, cabbed the rest( packaging is key). I arrived at the pretty decent house, too big for a bachelor or did I assume he was. He didn't look as young and yes I was right, he had been married once and there was a child. For my mind I think: why me? Why can't I just meet a young guy, no attachments. I am just about to walk out of a relationship with man, almost as old my papa with a family and now this one upon a marriage guy. Oh lord why ( na so I dey cry for my mind) but something did strike a cord in me about this soft-spoken geekish man, who had a charm about him and ohhh he was actually intelligent and for the first time, I was mildly intimidated, and intrigued. We spent the entire day together; talking and talking by the time he got me back home late in the night, I had broken up with X in my mind and onto the next one with  Josh. 
Should I have thought more about that move? yes! should have I applied brakes? yes!  Should I have walked from this new adventure? oh yes. Ii for don run. comot shoe, trowel bag and run for safety. Instead I ran into Josh, I ran in headlong, I ignored whatever warning bells and yes it almost cost me sanity, my life, my future. Yes meeting Josh changed my life completely and na here the story just begin...
Still there is the pending matter of X, who I never actually broke up with. In my mind, I didn't think he deserved it after all, he no tell before e go lie down for slab, say make them comot his able scorers. 

but lowo yi, na to be continued we dey.

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