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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Fine Day4

finally, Ba'kabby had come to his senses, i thought to myself as i walked towards him. A man steps out of the shadows, smiling awkwardly. Hi, he said meekly. i looked at this bespectacled man, clad in a polo and combat shorts. he looked every inch a dork. " you called me? i spat.
 "i'm sorry to bother you, i just thought the man with car was disturbing you… "and you thought to save me" i interjected. he smiled. for my mind , i was like: ghenghenghen, voltron defender of the universe.
"i apologise for dragging you all the way here" his words broke my thoughts.
"well am here now, so?
he introduced himself as Josh and talk about how he saw me, storming off and Island boy Mo disturbing me.  In a matter of seconds , we were gisting and laughing like old pals. he told me how he was outside waiting for his friend; like me, he detested the joint. whoa like minds(i thought)  and just like a miracle, he mentioned he lives close to my lungbu. i did a quick mental calculation in my head, if this guy gives me a ride close to my lungbu, i can call my paddy to pick me up, that way my 10k is intact as i get big plans for money no be small. . 
I size the guy again, he looked quite frail and  harmless. `Behind the glasses, he wasn't bad to look at but na yellow man. i don't really dig yellow men.  He spoke well, infact grammar too much, thank god say i go school. hmmm,  but how do i ask for a ride without him misreading it? This gal just needs to get home, away from the shame Ba'kabby who hasn't still bothered if i dey or don comot, had put me in. then i had a brilliant idea, if i can keep him gisting for another 2 hours, 4am go nack, that way i can get a ride and maybe even bike my way for only N200. it seemed like a good calculation. i was still toying with idea when Ba'kabby stepped out of the joint. he looked at me scornfully and Josh. he just dragged me by my arms. oh no you don't. i lost my temper, but quickly controlled it as i no wan show say i be area gal, i mean this is potentially a new toaster, with seemingly good etiquette.  i called on Bro Jay to caution his brother. Bro J appealed to me and apologised profusely, his friends follow join mouth. well a demon you know is better than an angel you just met. na so i tell Josh say i gats go. we exchanged contacts and na so finally at almost 3am, we made it into the club. of course the moment we entered, Ba'kabby disappeared. me sef no worry, i too fine for one odenson to dey misjive. i knew, this friendship had finally reached the end, and this time, no going back. as i dey dance dey go, who i see.. Mo, island boy. he apologised for his gross misconduct and asked to buy me a drink. i declined politely. we parted ways when he saw i wasn't giving him the time of night. i mean, how can i respect a man, wey dey carry ashawo. imagine how many evil spirits tinz dey follow am. call me superstitious na you sabi. any man wey dey follow ashawo is not welcomed into my space. and that goes for Ba'kabby who i sighted squeezing some random oyoyo baby with heavy makeup and bad weave  in a corner, just near the toilet. the babe sef was caressing/massaging his blokus. i shake my head, enter toilet.   5am, Ba'kabby showed up, it was time to go. 
in front of my gate, just before i got off the car, i told him calmly: " Ba'kabby pls never to call me again." with that i slammed the door and walked into my house. i hit the bed so fast, na phone call wake me. it was Josh , inviting me to an early dinner at some fancy restaurant. well, good food is hard to pass up, so i said yes.  we talked on the phone for a while longer and  went right back to sleep. my phone rings again; Its X.. He's back in town and he wants us to see today. tonight ke, i have a date oo, but i couldn't tell them because you see in my sea of toasters, friends and the guys i am eternally posting; X is the guy i am seeing, in other words, X is my boyfriend but the story get k-leg.
but na tomorrow be that. hunger is wiring me, make i go chop.

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