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Thursday, April 24, 2014

One Fine Day9

that was how ooo, me and  Josh launch into this whirlwind-like romance oo.  It happened so fast, e be like film. In my mind, I was like: ol' girl you don nail am. Soon spending a day no do, I began sleeping over(too soon abi, me sef I no, but I couldn't careless) and before I could say Jonaaa, I had spent 2 weeks cohabiting with Josh. Everything moved with bazuka speed; I was so happy, I don begin dey feel like super mario: ibi nima kusi (na hia i go die), and of course been with him, came with all the perks: a car, a driver, chef, major laulau things.
 Josh, nerdish was a workaholic, he worked so hard and so much, it helped me study for MA (one plus from the relationship) and when he got off work, we indulged in all sorts( just imagine). The sex was good, it wasn't great but e pass management and with a little tutoring as time went, it will come up to par. I was almost believing this soft spoken man was just perfect until this peculiar morning when I overheard his conversation with his security guard. Baba Aro was in his early 70's, and walked with a limp. He was quite a drinker, but he was respectful and feared Josh a great deal. I just think am say na respect, but when I witness Josh slam his basketball straight at Baba Aros's head and accompanying the slam were heavy-heavy epes(curses). Wow I began to have a rethink. Josh came upstairs noticing I overheard him, gave me a grand story of Baba's offence, he began to kiss me and I soon discarded the matter, little did I know my own sef dey come. 
So Josh had a temper and whenever he flew off the handle: handle go los, pot go trowey,  shebi if na only  temper, e go for beta, the guy com and have skun-skun and I will tell you one particular episode...
Na so we lie down for bed one night,. we were gifting, na so for the middle of  gist, he suddenly sat up and said to me: "shhh, someone just entered" 
I sat up in fright: who? abi na thief? my mind was racing. This frail looking Josh cannot protect me ke, haa I don mis waka ooo. He told not to panic that the person was climbing up the stairs, the per on is on the stairs and I should not worry??? are you freaking kidding?  then the freaky part- he says the person who is coming up the stairs is  carrying an envelope. I was like post man at 1am?  I tried to strain my ear, I couldn't hear jack. I mean how did he know someone came into the house, when the door no open, is climbing up the stair and is carrying an envelope? no be bed me and am dey? I looked at him, shivering in fright.
He smiled like "Don Chachu" and pulled me into an embrace : the person is wearing red and black and had just dropped the letter in front of the bedroom. "yeee" my side of the bed was right beside the door, instanta, I jump go the other side. he now told make I no worry, that a lot of people are trying to drag him into some dodgy business and he has refused, so they threaten all the time, with all sort, that he has special powers adding that as our relationship progresses, he would tell me more, in short he is not an ordinary person. I stared at him in shock cum disbelief, reading psalm 23 a million times in my mind. Special power? People want to kill him? He can see what others can't??? 
Kai JAZZ you don mis waka patapata.  Yes my name is Jasmine, everyone call me Jazz, clearly my nickname had drawn me to a jazzman.
I held vigil that night, starring at the door: "oh lord, pls see me through this night, once morning come, am outa here. I swear." I prayed over and  over, while Josh slept like a  baby.

Eventually, morning came, did I pack my things and leave, of course not, I stayed on because when morning came, everything changed, I forgot all about it. Ashy I was saving myself for my own ...

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