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Friday, April 25, 2014

One Fine Day7i

After I don vex say X no gree call me I mean three weeks! Does this guy even know that I am a hot and viable commodity that men are in need of? he come and leave me , no call, no text, no mail. Na so I drag the matter like say e pass the level. but really e pass, after all this man just said to me that we should consider moving our relationship to the next level, even though I no sabi the level, but it must mean something and if I am to be exclusive with a man who is old enough to be daddy, then I expect more. So I voke, I rake  but as usual after all my display, the man went on one knee.. ehn one knee?? omg, is he proposing? kia, I am not ready now. I didn't even rehearse my reaction, shud I smile, should I scream.  The guy open mouth tell me say "sorry, forgive me",just lackadat . it was feeling of relief and disappointment mix together, wet flood my body.  wait oh, was I really considering marrying this man, would have I said yes? I no fit answer myself. sha the man beg me; told me all bout the training, his visit to his family and of course he had a quick call at the hospital but quickly assures me,  its nothing.  then my phone rings, its Josh. Been a couple of days, after traffic no gree me make am to our dinner date. bloody traffic, it was almost as if God was whispering to me. Thinking about it now, the Big Man upstairs was preventing me from the eventual drama wey Josh con take my eye see but tori neva reach that side.. I sat in the cab for hours, he even sent his driver to meet me half way but we missed our sef, eventually I had to make the hard decision of returning home., no chinese dinner, no second meeting with Josh. 
I soon forgot about him since X's return but today, the man Josh called me but I couldn't take the call, not wit X starring at me so intensely. X stood with a bit of difficulty again: is your leg hurting you? I asked " something wrong?" he smiles and instead of replying asked if I have given a thought to our discussion.
oh I have been thinking about it, so much. " but what exactly do you mean by taking it further?"
"definatlely not marriage." he said with irritating calmness.
"oh, pray tell what you mean". my voice dripped with sarcasm and he sensed it.
"babe, it would be unfair for me to ask you to marry me. trust me I want you for keeps.I mean I can say I love you very much...
"but" I interjected.
"but I can't marry you." 
he said in  the annoying matter-of-fact voice, by this time, I was struggling to remain composed. he can't marry me. so I am unmarriable abi kini? 
so I asked: " because of…"
he looked at me with a sad-like smile:
" because I don't want to have kids anymore and I just had a vasectomy done to..."
vasecto wetin? are you kidding me? is that why your walking with difficulty? is your… your something gone?
it sounded stupid, but I just had to ask. I mean what does this mean?
X may be older than me, but love making was the ISH (and am not saying more).
 " are you freaking serious" I yelled.
" the lil man is still intact, I just can't shoot to score" he said with a smile.  Egbami ke, make una look Lionel Messi, shoot to score ko.  I stood starring at him for so long, unsure what to say, so I said: "Wow, a vasectomy".
I collected my bag and the stuff he got me ( I no go bicos of vex fashi the gucci sunglasses or the coach clutch, or the dresses) and I walked out, kept walking not looking back, even as he yelled my name. I flagged a cab:" lungbu". cabman: "N3000". I no argue,I enter . A vasectomy? wow. he sure has made things very simple. This is clearly the end of the relationship but it was the beginning of another problem as I would soon find out.

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