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Monday, April 7, 2014

One Fine Day3

Na so i stand for road o, fuming in anger. Ba'kabby had done this to me again. he didn't even follow me. i glanced behind me into the joint, he was chirping happily like an over stuffed bird with some lousy nuisance. why do i always get myself in this sticky situation with the idiot. how is it, that this bloated teddy has no regard for me. so what if he buys me nice things… once in a while and takes me to classy restaurant? i am most certain, some other random guy would have done same without making a fool out of me at every given opportunity. this guy has just finally ruined my Friday. no wahala, na to dry go house.  I was thoroughly pissed at this shitty situation. 1am! and  no where close to home, i swear i had just about had enough of Ba'kabby. 
The car pulled so close to me, i shrank away: are you blind? i hissed. i heard a voice: "excuse me"?  who? me? this guy dey mad.?i resemble belewu, abi what can fa radarada? the guy pops his head out of his car: excuse me? i shouted back at him: you too excuse me! i was furious. imagine the nerve. i moved away, eyes searching for a cab. next thing i know the man is standing by me, he introduces himself as Mo. abeg i am not interested in your gist, i said with my eyes.  he stood trying to make small dry talk; asking my name and if i was interested in having a good time. i mean, egbami ke, this classical moron is trying to proposition me. Me? I don suffer. i blame am abu what decent lady will stand by the road side in front of a drinking joint at 1am trying flag down a cab. Hmmm i shook my head, Ba'kabby put me in this mess, and even till now he hasn't stepped out to try and dissuade me from leaving.  i scanned this Mo guy quickly: not bad looking, speaks well, dressed good, car on point, but na island boy and if what i hear about island boys has any truth, then this guy na wash.  a friend told me, except the guy says he lives in Ikoyi (cos ikoyi pips acceding to my friend are the real island buttis), but if na Lekki 1, ajah tinz … na wash o. the warning rang through my brain, plus i was too angry to even consider Mo or whatever his name., so i told him emphatically: " Oga, whatever it is your selling, i aint buying" with that, i walked to another side of the road. where are the cabs when you need them, i asked myself. i soon forgot about Mo and focused on a cab home. finally a cab pulls up, Iju! i said. the guy look me, 10K . whaatt!!! 10 kini, you be thief? i hissed, the taxi man sef hiss join and sped off. 10k ke, that is all SG gave me. meet, i don mis waka today. should i just go to club down the road and hang there till 5am? its  friday,which means i will have to pay to get in. lailai! i will stand by this road and hope for miracle.
 A few minutes had passed when someone tapped me: madam, that man dey call you" if looks could kill, this messenger would have be stoned dead but he ignored and  repeated himself. for a moment i though, Ba'kabby had come to sense, as this messenger pointed into the direction where he had his car parked. " which man?"  the messenger just pointed, i saw Ba'kabby in the background; oshisko, the punk had come to his sense.  hmmm, i go show this guy, i so deal with him; i murmured quietly as i walked towards the direction i was pointed.
A man stepped out of the shadows. As the light caught his face, i noticed it wasn't Ba'kabby, it was  someone else; a stranger i had never met. this meeting did change my life forever and na here the tori begin proper, but that gist no be now i go talk am.
sleep is catching me.

Story by Biodun Stephen Oladigbo check her up on Fcaebook

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  1. Very imaginative Biodun, good one.