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Thursday, April 3, 2014

One Fine Day2

Ba'kabby was standing right in front of  Divalcious when my cab pulled over. he scans me from head to toe, beckoning to follow him. Not even a hello, hi… shio. The guy can be so rude, oshi o da. anyway, i followed him, my vexation disappeared when i saw the glorious dresses on display… chai, this is heaven. he asks that i look around and pick something comfortable.. it took me only 20 seconds to find the outfit- one leopard skin mono strap swing dress. he hissed and handed me something from the 40's . i was like: are you mad? me to wear that.? after much drama, cussing and f-bombs between us both. we settled for a shirt dress. that is Ba'kabby and i , our relationship/friendship is one-kind- absurd matter. we never agree on anything. we fight and argue all the time and over everything., still he will not leave me alone and neither can i, given all the little pleasures he afford me. which is why, i will keep posting till he gets tired of my shit. anyway, na so, he buy the dress and did throw in a nice pair of embellished sandal and even some earrings. he told me, he had a room at some hotel. i was like what is this moron thinking, that i will give him some, just because he spent 16500. abeggy! only me by  sef dey argue for my mind, as we drove to the place. as if he reading my mind, he hands me the key and mutters something about going to pick his brother. haas his brother, the sane one. at least this friday night no go bad if his brother comes along. hopefully we won't have a repeat episode of Ba'kabby dropping me off in the middle of nowhere at 3am , out of anger. that night, even though my liver was shredding, i got off the car and slammed it so hard. he just zoomed off. the guy no look back o, you see why i can never date him. somebody will have to die: me or him. of course he shows up 3 days laters, begging and apologising.  why do i hang out with the punk,i still don't know. sorry i digress. i quickly showered and was dressed in minutes. good thing i carry a lotion and spray in my bag. i  didn't realize i had dozed off until Ba'kabby was banging the door.  "heeee, bros J, good to see you." i hugged his brother. very nice guy, with proper manners.  how they can be related sef, na wonder.  Bros J, queried why i was still undecided about settling with Ba'kabby? i was like: look at the guy: an oversized teddy bear, with a nasty attitude.  he doesn't even know how to be nice, everything na gangster loving. is he TUPAC ? we all laughed. soon we enter road, from the list of stops involved in this friday waka. i wasn't sure my energy go fit support the pa-roll.
After a Chinese dinner and  2 bars plus plenty boring political and soccer conversation , that i really don't give a rat sass about, we were headed for the club, yeah baby; lets go shake that thang. then again, we stopped at this drinking joint, notorious for heavily pot-bellied men and their young girlfriends. the last thing i wanted was to be viewed as a runs gal, especially since Ba'kabby looked exactly like this men, only he was just a few years older than i was. and then, there was also bros J and his paddies. i just wasn't feeling the place. i chose to stay in the car. Ba'kabby assured, they just needed to block some guy for a few minutes.  at least that will allow me catch  20minutes of good nap, cos this club thing, i can't put my self on a long-tin. i gats to groove. na so i sleep. i woke up an hour later, to find myself still at the car park. i called Ba'kabby, repeatedly, he no answer. i marched to the joint and signalled him. he was already wearing a frown, so i know say, this wasn't going to end well. we had a small shouting match, calling me all sort of names, even me sef cursed the life out of him, i went to get my bag and threw his keys at him.  i caught bros J laughing and saying to his friends , thats how Ba' cabby and i fight all the time. 
i look time, it was almost 1am, how will i begin my journey at this time ehn? i would have to spend like 4k cabbing to my lungbu. this wasn't the plan i had for this money at all. na wa. i was still pondering when a car pulled over. this however, is not the koko of the story, i never even start the actual gist.
But i will gats to continue this story another time, customer just enter shop. abeg make i sell market.

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