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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Fine Day5

Wow X is back... after almost 3weeks away. No calls, nothing; and he expects that i just jump and enter road just because he is back in town, lailai. And na so i tell am. he of ocurse apologies profusely. like seriously, i am tired of all these apologies. i'm not having it jo. i aha told him i had plans and would see him another time. Don't get me wrong, i really do like X, of all my rainbows, he is the only standup guy, ok man cos X is not in my age range/group but he really treats me well. As at 3 weeks ago, i had considered a serious relationship with him, inspite of the age difference. after all ,  most of the guys in my age range were punk asses, at least the ones i had been coming across lately.  But as X had gone radio silent for those 3 weeks, even though i knew he was visiting his family( according to him, he's separated from his wife for about 8years); i am having a rethink.  Ehen but you know, i really can't talk about Josh without telling you how i met X..  i met X at Fish's party. who be Fish? make i gist you.
so i had met Mai through a mutual friend, he had just gone  through a nasty divorce and was too thankful to have come out of that marriage with his life intact.(not gonna bother you with all the gossip) for Mai; he was a bit skeptical about a relationship even though he liked me at first sight, and i no blame am. But from me to him, it unatrraction at first sight, but bicos we don dey talk for phone for like some months, i just didn't think it fair to bin the communication we had built. but sha, i knew that this was not the guy for me. so it Mai, who invited me to the event where i met Fish, through whom i now met X.
Mai invited me to this poker game, according to him, he was the chairman poker after party. i had never seen poker been played, not even witnessed gambling firsthand, and if this was gathering of rich men who just wanted to gamble their earnings away, i better be there to watch. so i went. it was at this poker thingy, i met Fish.
all the men, at this game of a thing, were all nerdish looking but smell like EGO/KUDI/OWO/MONEY. everyone here was a millionaire, so i began to have another look at this very unassuming Mai ( the guy fit get money set, and you know as money be, it can ginger this attraction i find missing) so peradventure, this guy may be very loaded (yes, i like money. i cannot come and suffer).
as i land the place, of course all eyes were on me, not cos na me beautiful reach like that, but i was the only female in the place. Mai took his time to walk me and sit me in a corner, just so all the men know to lay off  but not Fish.  he came to sit two chairs away from me, nodding me his greeting. i smiled back politely and continued starring at the men gambling chunks of money. i was lost in the view when Fish handed me a magazine: " something to read? i accepted and flipped through. he also busied himself with a newspaper.  i was flipping through when i heard Fish whisper:
 " hey beautiful, can i get your number?
 i look around me, who talk? i looked at Fish, he focus for the paper.  then the voice came again:
 " don't look at me, just listen" 
 kai na Fish dey talk ooo. see 007 oo, i talk for my mind. i was intrigued.  
He continues: "i don't want your boyfriend to see me talking to you, so pretend your reading your magazine"
 wow, this is some James Bond chepsing, 
 " i like to see you alone, gimme your number" he said
 i  declined. 
" okay lemme give you my number" he dictates it, 
me sef, i played coy as i stylishly got the number. Then he says to dial him, as he wasn't sure of the number. me sef dial am.
 he smiles:" now i have your number. i will call you cos you will never call me". with that he stood and left. i was too stunned and impressed at this man in his forties playing such a number.  Fish did call call and kept calling and calling me, asking to hook up:  clearly he wasn't having No for an answer. i no no weds na fear, i  just no gree and he didn't stop. See eh, i no refuse  bicos say Mai go talk o, because by this time, Mai and i had already gone our separate ways. we realised early enough, what we had was phone chemistry and not physical chemistry.  so that chapter, just like Ba'kabby case closed.
Back to Fish; after the man gimme break for sometime, naim, one day, he call and say,  its important that we see as he going outta town. important ke, kilode. As usual my response was no, but CuzT(my paddy with whom i shared a flat) had just about had enough of me refusing, so she offered to drive me, under the pretext, she just had to see the man named Fish( what kind of name be Fish sef) and possibly take him off my hand. gladly take him, i said.  Na so we go. as we land the very posh flat, i saw his luggage by he door, truly he was travelling. he handed me a small bag and envelope and thanked me for coming. we chatted for a few minutes and that was it. he asked that if i wanted anything, CuzT quickly rattled out a list of items. na so we comot. na inside motor i see say na 50k dey the envelope and the bag contained bottles of  fragrance, perfumed oil and a wristwatch. i smiled.. indeed i don catch big Fish.  still i no too trust the man given the method with which he came after me.  i soon found i wasn't far from the truth…

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