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Monday, April 14, 2014

One Fine Day7

X and i had carried on for some 6 months. he wasn't as generous as Fish and not an A-hole like Ba'Kabby. He was a gentleman, respected me, regardless of the many years apart in age. he showered me attention and if there is one thing that can guarantee a man's place in my heart, is attention. i just need to know i am at the centre of your universe. and that X did. he wanted to spend everyday with me, every spare time and yes , did we have a blast. we played like teenagers, giggled liked kids and o' boy we can gossi for Africa; i was at home here i told myself. 
so when X had told me, as i sat on his laps in his office, surfing the internet; that he wanted to take the relationship to the net level , i was elated, still caution bell sound for my brain, make i no too jump. if i become X's , it meant we were gonna be exclusive. this is not to say i was cutting shows oo, lailai. i believe in one man-one woman. but was i ready to be with this man, who was 23 years older than i was. he wasn't just any man, X is quite notable, he held some significant position in work and society, people were gonna talk. what will my father say? the man as it stands, has already given up on me. this will just be the final topping topping on the cake.
and there is the matter of his family. his first son was just 3 years younger than i was; there is the Mrs. X, even though they've  been divorced for nearly a decade, still calls the shot. she is a partner  at his firm, they have joint ventures and the woman already looks at me funny. and he wants us to move our relationship forward. hmmm
 what will i do now? only one person can give me the truth, no matter how painful and that person is Big sis.
Big sis(my elder sister) lives across town with her family- her twin boys and philandering husband- oniranu. why she stays married to the goon, beats me. imagine the suegbe even tried to make a pass at me, kiakia i put am for im place, no time for radarada, but she married him and that is her choice. she and i never see eye-to-eye on any matter and its been about 2 years we last spoke. this is a major decision here: X is rich, he would take care of me, i would enjoy few luxuries- business class seats, a few top notch designer gbogbo-es, good school for my kids and vacation maybe once or twice a year. if i wanted to enjoy some better luxuries like boat cruses, and deep splurge, then i would have to earn a living, which really isn't a problem. X would get me a well paying job or set me up on business. Nah- i not want him to set me up, he would want to be on the board and have a say so ( he can be controlling), fat salary job is better; i would work my ass off and give myself a fabulous treat without having to stand in front of him, asking for money like a beggar.  A better life seem guaranteed if i'm married to X. still i had my doubts.
 i called Big sis back to back, a total of 12 times before she finally picked my call. her reason-  she wanted to be sure, it was important. she went on with her sermon on morality, demeaning my way of life, which at the moment is far better than her own. after she made her self and life feel much superior to my very meaningless existence, i told her i had found a man and i think i am ready. it was then she asked that i come over.
though i got to her house via public bus and Okada, i was clad in very well fitting Armani jeans (courtesy Fish),  yellow Ralph Lauren shirt(courtesy Ba'Kabby), my blue DKNY hand bag( courtesy X), my very famous red alligator skin peep toes (courtesy Balogun market)  and i was smelling like a million dollar(courtesy Mai). the boys were happy to see me, one look at me, she hissed:
" how are you even able to afford all these designers?"
 i smiled: " i can tell one thing, no home was broken in the process."
she looked at me with utter disdain and in her stern no nonsense voice she asked for details on X., of course i tell am every, as e take be.
she was silent for a long time( my sister can be that dramatic, i don't like her, but i trust her judgement.)  after wetin be like forever, she open mouth tell me: " i don't think you should marry him."
haaa, just like that? just like that. she replied.
"no one would believe you are not marrying this guy for money. what? you are in love? maybe you think so now. give it a few years, when his dick is limp and he would need a viagra to get it up, by which time you would be in your prime, in need of a very profound shag (shag? my sis just said "shag… oga)  you are only 25. whats the hurry?  you want to spend the better part of your life nursing an old man, when you should be done raising kids and rediscovering yourself, living your life to the fullest just in case you missed out on it whilst raising kids. (wow, i can't believe my sis was saying this, i did mention she was painfully honest, but not this blunt i guess). Look, i don't think you should, but that's my opinion. you need to make your own choice. after all , what do i know, i married a man, who can't keep his willy in his pants while i am starved of sex- ironic abi. i am no fool honey but when the time comes, all of una go shudder".( lobatan,sis yarn pidgin)
we talked about many things after that and i took my leave. i was lost in thought on the Okada ride back home. what do i do. i mean, the man has not proposed yet. he just said next level. maybe next level is not marriage. maybe i am just over thinking things. 
all these thoughts floated around my head, as i mounted the steps to X's office. he was right at the door, to welcome me. i noticed as he walked with a bit of difficulty as he went back to his seat. we chatted about orisirisi, but i just had to ask about this his constancy wincing in pain, that was when he told me the shocker of lifeeeeeeeee...

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